Phillips bluetooth earphones to HP Computer

hawat, Jun 26, 9:20pm
Grrr have problems connecting phillips cordless earphones to HP computer. It was working with our last computer and I got it to work once with this computer by disconnecting then re pairing but won't work now. The earphones are fully charged and once I set it up it works for a flash then the earphones turn off. I've gone through the online help but the suggestions don't align with my problem. Any suggestions?

black-heart, Jun 27, 8:35am
Usual trick is to get the blue/red light flashing to show its in pairing mode. From that point you shouldn't be pressing any buttons.

hawat, Jun 27, 10:46am
Yep did that but nope didn't work

hawat, Jul 2, 7:54pm
**BUMP** Anybody? At wits end. Either get a solution or dump perfectly good bluetooth earphones

peanuts37, Jul 2, 11:08pm

nice_lady, Jul 3, 7:37am
A suggestion: Try the headphones with another bluetooth device be it computer, tablet, phone whatever. If they work then the problem isn't the headphones. Simple process of elimination.

hawat, Jul 4, 12:31am
thanks - tried all that. No, didn't work

nice_lady, Jul 4, 6:02am
did you try them on another machine yet ?

hawat, Jul 14, 8:31am
I have been away enjoying some warmth offshore. Got home last week and this morning tried to connect the earphones to my mobile. No joy so its not our computer its the earphones

nice_lady, Jul 14, 8:45am
Cool. Simple process of elimination. First thing anyone techs especially should do.

uppie270, Jul 15, 7:47pm
I had the same problem when connecting my bluetooth headphones to my new laptop. First of all in "Settings" make sure your laptop is seeing your headphones in the "bluetooth & other devices". Second you need to tell the laptops Audio system to connect or switch to the headphones. The audio system should return to the speaker option automatically when the headphones are turn off.

hawat, Oct 14, 7:18am
Thanks but done all of that. Have now gone on the help blog - nothing yet

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