Setting up kodi

maleman, Dec 26, 10:34am
I previously had Kodi on my computer and smart sony tv but have now lost it on both. Trying to reload I get Kodi download but when trying to set it up I get the following error messages. Remote share "path not found or invalid" or "couldn't connect". PVr client "add-on couldn't be loaded".
I am using ultra fast broadband with NF4V router.
Any ideas what the problem is or should I consider a Kodi type box for the tv.

Any help would be appreciated but please be aware that I am not that IT smart.

king1, Mar 12, 3:07am
- Remote share "path not found or invalid" or "couldn't connect".
Its looking for a server or resource that is not there. need to get far more specific to know what resource it is looking for.

- PVr client "add-on couldn't be loaded"
pretty much what it says - maybe its dead/defunct/incompatible version etc

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