Http:// down?

oclaf, Dec 30, 11:29am
Down or just me? says its up, but haven't been able to access it for a couple of days. Really need to download some software from there. Thanks.

peanuts37, Dec 30, 11:39am
Works for me.

oclaf, Dec 30, 12:13pm
Really? I can't get it on my desktop or my phone via 3G.

peanuts37, Dec 30, 12:17pm

oclaf, Dec 30, 12:20pm
Well sucks to be me. thanks. Ill try figure out what my problem is.

peanuts37, Dec 30, 12:23pm
Can get it on phone also, using Skinny 4g network.

oclaf, Mar 9, 3:10am
Sorted. I can get it through a proxy. No idea why I couldnt get it direct through Ubernet or 2degrees.

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