Videos on Facebook not playing

datoofairy, Jan 18, 3:11pm
For a long time now I have been unable to watch videos on Facebook, without the picture freezing constantly. It starts fine but within a few seconds the picture freezes. The sound keeps playing but the picture freezes making it impossible to watch anything. I can watch video's on You Tube with no problems and Netflix works fine too, its just Facebook videos that are crap. I've gone into my Facebook video settings and tried changing the options from HD to SD to Default, but none of those options makes any difference.
I'm using Firefox (no updates have ever made a difference) on Win 10.
Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to fix this please?

mr-word, Jan 18, 3:22pm
Download Google chrome or use microsoft edge.

datoofairy, Jan 18, 3:26pm
Thank you, but I dont want to use either of those, I like Firefox and would like to fix the problem rather than change my entire browser.
I dont believe its a Firefox issue. I've been Googling and found numerous posts about this problem, from people using all different browsers, including Chrome and Edge. Not a single solution though.

cube_guy, Jan 18, 3:34pm
Maybe if you tried another browser you could then see for sure that is a Firefox problem, and not an issue with something else in your system?

mr-word, Jan 18, 3:49pm

gyrogearloose, Jan 18, 3:52pm
Reinstall Firefox

mr-word, Jan 18, 3:54pm
Also try a refresh. Too many addons can bugger up firefox. Adblockers can cause problems too.

datoofairy, Jan 18, 4:09pm
Thanks all, I'll try those suggestions.

nice_lady, Jan 18, 4:34pm
You don't have to 'change your entire browser' you can install and use, (or not use), any number of browsers, simply installing chrome to check on the issue you have will in no way impact on your Firefox install.

nice_lady, Jan 18, 4:36pm
And anyway your system will have Edge or Internet Explorer installed so you could test the troublesome videos with those. It's simply a matter of a process of elimination. If all browsers do the same thing then your issue is not with the browser ok.
What type and speed of internet connection do you have ?

christin, Jan 18, 4:45pm
Not sure if it's still how Facebook do videos bit disabling hardware acceleration fixed a similar issue for me a while back,,,,

black-heart, Feb 21, 5:47pm
ANother option is to not go on facebook. /just saying

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