Broadband question if I may. .

dannyboy24, Feb 28, 7:19pm
I'm considering going to a fibre connection from adsl with my main motivation being I want to be blown away by my new 4k telly. I watch a lot of netflix and have been checking out loads of 4k stuff on youtube and to be fair i have had no problems with buffering on either with my current connection. Would a snappy fibre connection make a noticeable difference or am I misguided in my thinking? The price is exactly the same. Any input would be much appreciated. Thanks!

suicidemonkey, Feb 28, 7:21pm
If you're viewing 4K content and not running into any buffering issues, no it won't make a difference.

Your internet connection only dictates how quickly the videos will load, not the quality of the video itself (unless you've got YouTube quality set to "auto").

dannyboy24, Feb 28, 7:35pm
Good on ya mate thanks for that it's exactly what I wanted to know

ross1970, Jan 18, 9:16pm
If the price is exactly the same then you'd get fibre anyway.

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