Movie from computer to

harrislucinda, Mar 13, 6:52pm
tv right above the computer how does one go about setting up as there are movies on demand and dont want to sit and watch on the computer Is it possible thanks

nice_lady, Mar 13, 7:06pm
HDMI cable. Or theres a few other ways. Is the tv a smart tv ?

harrislucinda, Mar 13, 10:15pm
no dont think so

suicidemonkey, Mar 13, 10:32pm
HDMI cable, if the laptop and TV have the appropriate ports. Most do.

Or Chromecast.

rayonline_tm, Mar 14, 1:37pm
Some of the older TVs might even have VGA connector .

harrislucinda, Mar 14, 2:39pm
tv not that old so buy a HDMI CABLE then that will come from the computer some where up to the tv thanks will give it a go

duncb, Mar 14, 5:06pm
You need to check that your computer also has the same connection.

mr-word, Mar 14, 6:39pm
Android tv

harrislucinda, Mar 14, 6:53pm
one end goes into the computer that end with all wee pins goes in the tv correct

vtecintegra, Mar 14, 7:06pm
Huh? The HDMI cable is the same at both ends.

Go have a look at the side/back of the tele and have a look at what is labelled HDMI. There should be the same sort of port on the computer, if not you?

gyrogearloose, Mar 14, 7:34pm
No. An HDMI cable doesn't have any 'wee pins' at all.

You must be confused with something else, such as VGA, which does have 'wee pins' but doesn't include audio for which you'd need another cable, one with great fat pins.

rayonline_tm, Mar 14, 11:42pm
What you linked to should work IF your laptop takes HDMI and your TV also takes HDMI. Some laptops don't have HDMI, they have Display Port.

Good to double check than if you buy it and it is not right.

If you have a Blue Ray or DVD player, or a Xbox etc . you could just borrow the cable and try first.

harrislucinda, Mar 15, 8:49am
as i said not a laptop it is a computer to me different I think i better ask at the shop so they can show me thanks for your help

rayonline_tm, Mar 15, 9:24am
My big computer is a bit dated, only have DVI ports. You can get a converter so it works on HDMI but DVI only carry video not audio. So you also need a audio cable from your computer to the TV. Or just use plug some speakers into your computer.

This is what a DVI port looks like on the computer. And this is HDMI:

rayonline_tm, Mar 15, 9:43am

yz490, Mar 15, 1:19pm
I'm running an HDMI from computer to tv [has an HDMI port] & works good. I think i'm running the audio out of computer to a separate set of those boom box little thingies the kids use so as to get sound. So with HDMI does the poster asking also need something like this "Or" just an audio lead out of computer & into "An In" on the TV to get audio. In other words--does the HDMI have audio as part of it or not [me thinks not]. Also one thing the kids taught me with audio--i had a damn annoying hum in the speakers. Been putting up with it for too long--kids come home [you silly old fart] turn tv down & computer up [or other way around] as there's a conflict between the two. Actualy in hind sight that was a freeview box into a tv so no separate speakers as such.

vtecintegra, Mar 15, 2:33pm
HDMI does audio and video (actually a lot of DVI ports do as well if you use an adapter)

harrislucinda, Mar 15, 5:00pm
thanks rayonline have both HDMI and VGA on the computer box
have audio on computer and the 3 colour holes on the tv thanks
getting there

r.g.nixon, Mar 15, 5:15pm
3 colour holes? Sounds like RCA ports. See

christin, Mar 15, 6:52pm
All the pins sound like vga. Usually blue but not always lately.

If you have a vga connection you will also need to connect sound to the TV from the laptop as vga is a video only cable.

harrislucinda, Mar 15, 6:59pm
red white and yellow on the tv

spyware, Mar 15, 7:03pm
Pathetic. Red, white, yellow is analog audio and composite video (standard definition 576i), technology from the 1950's. Forget about it or buy a new TV.

Is this a 4:3 ratio cathode ray tube TV?

Post make and model of TV if you want specific sense out of any of us.

spyware, Mar 15, 7:15pm
And you could have saved yourself two days of pointless back and forward just by posting the TV make and model so that someone with half a clue could tell you exactly what you need. Any TV with composite video only would date from over 10 years ago.

mr-word, 6 days, 7 hours
You can use a WdlLive tv with RCA inputs but you can only get standard resolution. You can copy movies onto a usb stick. Lots of people have only xvid or divx for movies which is standard definition anyway,

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