How to change Skype password and not windows live

prestige_games, May 6, 5:51pm
I'm trying to update my info on my old skype account, the email and phone number it's linked too are no longer around which I also want to update, and skypes now owned by Microsoft. My windows live email address already has an empty skype account which I've never used and every time I click change my password on my dinosaur skype account it changes the windows live password not the old skype one. Now you can't merge or unmerge old skype accounts with windows live accounts according to skypes website and that's fine but how do I change the password and email address to just the old skype account? Does that mean that account will stay activate with an old password with no means of changing it?

nice_lady, May 6, 6:52pm
? Windows live is an email program. Skype is a chat program. If you change the password in Skype it can't affect the email settings within windows live.

black-heart, May 6, 7:02pm
Skype is a MS account, the are not seperate. / hotmail / / are all iterations of microsoft accounts that have been amalgamated into a single combined system.

You either need separate accounts or just accept a single password for all.

It'd be like wanting separate passwords for gmail & google drive for the same account, it cannot be done.

nice_lady, May 6, 7:37pm

Windows live mail is a program. You can put any account you like on it. You don't have to have a microsoft acct to use it.

nice_lady, May 6, 7:53pm
The OP didn't mention they said Windows live mail.

prestige_games, May 6, 11:00pm
How do I change my skype password then without login into Windows live? As the second you click "Change my password" button in skype it want's your windows live login and the password it changes isn't skypes but windows live? Man I can't believe Microsoft did this, what a mess, I'm happy to merge my skype and email accounts but it doesn't look like I can do that either now too.

king1, May 7, 7:43am
you are possibly confusing the issue using the phrase "windows live", it is similar to a suite of programs by MS.
What you mean is now referred to as a Microsoft Account and yes, what you are experiencing is correct, you need to merge skype with the MS account which means a common password

If this is not working for you provide some error messages

prestige_games, May 7, 4:10pm
But how do I merge it? As there's not an option to do so?

king1, May 7, 5:05pm
I don't know there is a button that says merge now or anything, just need to follow the instructions - enter username, password / verify yourself / email and/or text code / enter new password twice / log in as per usual. That's pretty much how it went for me today with the one I did.

black-heart, May 7, 5:24pm
Blame MS they created more than one 'live' people will always get it confused. People are still asking if office comes with windows. I don't know the answer anymore the latest clean install of windows 10 comes with myoffice WTF is that?!

black-heart, May 7, 5:26pm
try see where you end up

nice_lady, May 7, 7:05pm
Thats web based and not anything like windows live mail (the program).

black-heart, Dec 4, 4:42am
Yeah, but thats how noobs talk. Rife with technical inaccuracies.

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