Posting pics on TM message boards

flopsie, Feb 6, 5:19pm
I have taken a couple of pics that I have saved into pictures with using them in TM message boards in mind. I can't get them across by dragging or copying and pasting. What's the procedure please.I'm sure its easy once you know how. Using windows 10

nice_lady, Feb 6, 5:25pm
Upload to 'my trademe/photos '
Then click on pic to view.
Then copy address of pic
Then paste into thread

farwest, Feb 6, 5:26pm
Load them into "my pictures". Open the picture there, copy the address, and paste it into your post.

farwest, Feb 6, 5:26pm

flopsie, Feb 6, 5:49pm
Ok I got pics into My TM photos, so I click on pic to view. I don't see any address other than flopsie in bottom left corner. Copying and pasting doesn't seem to work.

nice_lady, Feb 6, 6:22pm
The address is at the TOP of your page. It looks like blah blah. Here:

socram, Feb 6, 6:24pm
It's the web address.

The pic will eventually disappear if not used in a sale ad.

nice_lady, Feb 6, 6:25pm
When you clik on the picture to view it it opens up in a webpage, a trademe page. EVERY single webpage on the internet has an address. Every time you look at ANY page it's got an address. It's displayed at the top of the page: etc etc etc
That's what you clik into and copy then paste into the thread

flopsie, Feb 6, 6:27pm
Feeling foolish, I woke up to that and yeehaa it worked. After I highlighted it lol. Thanks foiks, if you're curious see my post in gardening.

nice_lady, Feb 5, 8:16am
Good effort it's easy when you know how.

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