Problem with Wireless adapter or access point

justwhatever, Jul 1, 9:21pm
Unable to get HP laptop running windows 10 to connect to the wifi. Any suggestions please as to how to fix this. Thanks.

mark.p, Jul 1, 9:43pm
You may need to download the wifi driver for your device from HPs website. Whats the model no. of your system?

duncb, Jul 1, 9:51pm
some hp laptops have a switch/function key to enable/disable wifi. Are you able to see the wifi SSID

luvmycat, Jul 1, 9:54pm
I had the same problem 2 times on my HP laptop. First time HP replaced the wireless adapter and it worked fine for a year, then the same problem occurred . Couldn't be bothered getting hold of HP again as laptop was out of warranty by then so I went to PB tech and got a USB wireless adapter and have had no problems with it.

mark.p, Jul 2, 11:44am
Yeah those usb wireless adapters are handy alright.

nice_lady, Jul 2, 1:15pm
What the warranty got to do with anything?

luvmycat, Jul 4, 8:23pm
My laptop was over 2 years old by that stage.

nice_lady, Jul 4, 8:35pm
Completely irrelevant. Why don't you learn your consumer rights look up the CGA.

black-heart, Oct 23, 10:03pm
HP have a piece of software called connection manager it can disable the wifi independant of the wifi keyboard shortcut, or network adapters in netowrk sharing center.
Run it and see if its set to wifi on

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