Dvd connection problem

urbanrefugee54, Dec 23, 2:23pm
we have a Panasonic dmr xw380 recorder attached to the telly. my partner when waking up with the remote in his hand has pushed 'a button' & we now can't watch tv through the dvd, record any channels, or watch what we had recorded. all it's showing on the screen is AV1. we have tried going through the steps for the easy setting, but the screen remains black & if you push the status button, it just shows AV1 & 59.50 underneath. we have both gone through several menus to try to again reconfigure things. before the dvd was set on the hdmi channel.

what are we doing wrong? my partner is semi invalid & he relies on recording things to watch when he's awake.

suicidemonkey, Dec 23, 2:56pm
I assume you've tried pressing the "source" button and flicking through the different sources?

urbanrefugee54, Dec 23, 3:01pm
yes. but will try it again - just in case

perfectimages, Dec 23, 3:05pm
It may help if you told us what sort of TV it is.
Usually you would need to go into the TV set up menu, or try pushing the AV button, or source button on the remote a few times to get to the HDMI channel that the DVD is plugged into. It obviously is not AV1 as this is not the channel that your DVD uses. Hope this helps.

urbanrefugee54, Dec 23, 4:07pm
it's a Samsung series 4 lcd tv

urbanrefugee54, Dec 24, 9:10am
alas we still don't have the dvd running the tv through it - we reset the channels & have the source on what it was before. but still the display reads AV1 & the auto turn off doesn't happen - we can play any programs that had already been recorded on the hard drive, but it won't access the tv channels now - wrong time of year to get help - most of our friends are away. & it doesn't help being semi rural.

spyware, Dec 24, 9:20am
Push the INPUT SELECT button on the Panasonic DMR XW380 remote (noting that the XW380, like the TV, also has its own input interfaces) a few times and select TV. See page 20 of manual.


urbanrefugee54, Dec 24, 9:37am
thank you - just heading out. have to get chainsawing done before it gets too hot & a fire risk. already been several fires in the area.

suicidemonkey, Dec 24, 11:53am
Yes it's obviously simply on the wrong source, as has been said several times.

urbanrefugee54, Dec 24, 12:14pm
Hi. wow many, many thanks for the one button I wasn't pushing & didn't see on the remote until you pointed it out. it was the button that the partner would have pushed when he woke up & 'changed everything' with a push of a single button .

urbanrefugee54, Mar 13, 2:56am
but it was finding the 'right' button to push. I was going into menus - just not the right one. & we redid the list of programs 2x

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