Apple TV 4K and wifi issues.

christin, Jan 12, 10:19pm
Anyone had any problems with this? Contacted Apple today regarding unable to get my Apple TV on the wifi.

Sometimes I can, by resetting the unit and setting up as part of the initial setup. It then drops it, and when it stays connected no movies come up, just a blank grey screen.

Occasionally get a message saying not connected to internet.

Try and set up wifi without resetting. And get cannot connect, please check your settings.

Spent ages on it this afternoon. Hopefully replicates itself for Apple, although the guy did say thst going by what I said, he may just replace the unit,

Just curious if anyone else has had problems, Only a month or two,old,

spyware, Jan 13, 8:47am
Run cable FFS. I use an ATV4 (fastEthernet interface) on GbE fibre. When queuing an iTunes movie to watch it saturates the interface at 100 Mbps.

I'm picking it hates your slow wifi and another unit will do exactly the same.

christin, Jan 13, 8:52am
I'm picking that's not the case as I have another Apple TV in my room on the same wifi and that a working fine,

I'm therefore picking another unit WONT do the same.

Also regardless of how slow the wifi is to download etc, it should be able to connect to it in the first place!

I can't run cable to where this one is currently, too messy, no ceiling cavity and concretr floor. Im thinking about getting house cables when I do my electrical rewiring this year, it can and should be able to run on my "slow wifi"

spyware, Jan 13, 8:57am
Alternate solution to eliminate Apple radio is buy a access point and run in station mode plugged into ATV Ethernet interface.

christin, Jan 13, 8:59am
Shouldn't have to buy more stuff for a unit that should work as is.

Also hopefully will be sorted by Apple under warranty.

loud_37, Jan 13, 9:40am
The one that works where is that located compared to the one that won't. If you swap them around do you get the same issues?

christin, Jan 13, 9:59am
Just down the hall. The one in my room that is working was in the location of the new one working fine so don't think it's a location issue,

Also the TV can find wifi fine from the same location.

Router is probably 12 meters away in an open plan room so no walls and not a great distance

loud_37, Jan 13, 10:02am
As you say, sounds like a hardware issue then.

christin, Jan 13, 10:16am
Yeah. Just surprised with something new.

Read on the net many bugs with Ethernet but no mention of issues similar to mine,

It's weird, it sees the network and knows if I put in incorrect password but won't connect, yet does via initial setup but won't stay.

loud_37, Jan 13, 11:25am
Are both devices on the same version (update)? As the new one may be on a newer/older version that is a bit flaky.

christin, Jan 13, 12:05pm
It's up to date on the latest version. It is a 4K TV (2 months old) vs a series 2 I think. (About four years old).

The older one is the working one :-/

vtecintegra, Jan 13, 12:16pm
Have you recently successfully connected any other new devices into the network? Sometimes people set up MAC address filtering (a bad idea) then forget about it.

christin, Jan 13, 12:20pm
New iPad the same time as I got the Apple TV. No issues with that.

Have also had friends son add his phone recently too no issues,

I don't think its my network as I did (although only once) hotspot my Apple TV to my iPhone without success to try and eliminate network.

loud_37, Jan 13, 12:26pm
Looks like a few people having the same issues with the newer device Could be an issue like windows 10 had awhile back where it wouldn't resolve the DNS when it was paired with certain routers, so it had to be entered manually.

loud_37, Jan 13, 12:31pm
Ive read some people have had luck changing the channel of the wifi to a less congested channel. Do you have lots of other wifi signals around your place

vtecintegra, Jan 13, 12:32pm
Yeah I'd take it back to the retailer and get a replacement. You've spent more than enough time mucking about with it

christin, Jan 13, 12:36pm
Guy at Apple asked me re dhcp and picking up IPs etc. seemed to pick up that and subnet mask etc fine when it did connect. Just couldn't get any content in those times,

Also looks like they're getting connected most the time I've not got that far!

christin, Jan 13, 12:38pm
Not excessive I don't think? TV, iPad and phone, printer ect. Pretty normal stuff.

christin, Feb 26, 4:53am
Yeah, gave up and did that yesterday. Apple service place or something (retailer was Singapore airport! ) :-)

Just hope it doesn't work fine for them. Have had issues from day one but was going for a bit.

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