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lady-sadie, May 26, 10:22am
Are u there Nice Lady? I have just had a windows 10 update and since then an annoying little bubble keeps springing up saying Drive F (which I've never heard of) is almost full 41.1 free of 492mb. Well I've looked at the clean up disk that it brings up which says clean up will free 0. Please Help Ive a HP
Proc.AMD A8-7410 APU. 2.020GHZ Hope that helps TIA

r.g.nixon, May 26, 10:40am
492MB sounds too large to be the System Reserved partition. And it doesn't normally have a drive letter. https://4sysops.com/archives/what-is-the-system-reserved-partition/

Is it a USB thumb drive, camera, MP3 player left plugged it?

vtecintegra, May 26, 10:45am
There is a bug in Windows 10 1803 (the big update from earlier this month) that assigns drive letters to partitions that shouldn't have them.

You can remove it but not with the UI so I'd just ignore it for now (there will be a proper fix eventually)

lady-sadie, May 26, 11:35am
Thanks all I only got worried when I saw the big full red disk on the file explorer that Id never seen before. Only thing in my usbs is the mouse. Will do as suggested and wait it out. Thanks again.

daveb, May 26, 1:16pm
My Dell pc has the "low disk space on local drive l" window pop up every 2 minutes since the last Win 10 upgrade. "l" drive now shows as a 450Mbyte drive with 400 Mbyte of hidden files on it. Quite a nuisance. Ladie-sadie, is your pc a Dell also?

nice_lady, May 26, 2:01pm
It appears to be very simple to disable that message but it does include fiddling around in the registry. Probably better not to if you're neither confident or compentant but heres the deal:

Open Regedit then find

Create a new DWORD Value named NoLowDiskSpaceChecks and give it value 1.

r.g.nixon, May 26, 2:13pm
Just take off the drive labels in Disk Management.

diskmgmt.msc (enter)

vtecintegra, May 26, 3:30pm
You can't remove the label using disk management because - the option simply isn't there for OEM and recovery partitions

r.g.nixon, May 26, 3:38pm
Hmm. I just tried adding a drive letter. Didn't work. When I did it another time, I must have used a different method.

I probably used DISKPART, as here: https://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/windowsserver/en-US/f95e5f0b-9805-4583-a648-92c44b85c827/not-able-to-assign-drive-letter-for-system-reserved-partition-in-ws-2008-r2

nice_lady, May 26, 3:56pm
Meh I'd just use Easus or Paragon or Aoemi or Minitool. all capable of adding/removing drive letters and lots more.

lady-sadie, Nov 20, 1:44am
Well I'm so pleased I'm now a little older and didn't try all the suggestions that I once would. I was scrolling down my recent files in file explorer and here are all these files in drive F which now I know is a usb I was looking through last week. Goodness knows why it is showing as full drive.

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