Fast performing laptop.

anna70k, Aug 15, 2:40pm
Which laptop would you recommend? What are the pros and cons? Are Apple better than the others or just dearer?

vtecintegra, Aug 15, 3:16pm
Depends on your budget and what you intend to use the system for and whether power or portability are more important.

Apple gear is expensive but so are equivalent Windows models.

sw20, Aug 15, 6:31pm
What is your budget?

I use Apple. You can get a tidy mid 2012 MacBook Pro with a SSD for around $500 that will be fine for everyday use. Or you could spend $12,000 for the fully optioned latest MacBook Pro.

suicidemonkey, Aug 15, 11:02pm
Totally depends. What do you want to use it for? What's your budget?

A fast laptop for office work, or for editing video require two very different laptops.

Apple laptops are great, but there are plenty of equivalent Windows machines available.

bryshaw, Aug 22, 8:18pm
Consumer reckons around $2000 will get you a decent laptop.

suicidemonkey, Aug 22, 8:27pm
Define decent? Totally depends what it's to be used for.

$1000 or so will get you a very nice laptop for basic home/office use.

black-heart, Aug 22, 8:49pm
Youd be a rather stupid person to buy a 6 year old laptop for $500.

suicidemonkey, Aug 22, 8:56pm
Yeah wouldn't pay that much - the 2012 Macbooks will likely only get another year of updates. The early 2012 models are already out of luck for the Mojave update.

sw20, Aug 22, 9:01pm
My Mid 2012 MacBook Pro runs great, six years on. Have a look at what used MacBook Pros sell for. You might choke though if you are used to scrap value used Windows laptop prices.

suicidemonkey, Aug 22, 9:02pm
Yeah the Macbooks do hold their value damn well.

glasshalfull, Aug 22, 9:58pm
Mine is an Acer Spin. Touch screen. It's all you'd want for a home lap top. They are $1700 at Harvey Normans on sale now.

bryshaw, Aug 22, 10:44pm
i5/7 processor, 16g memory, separate graphics, enough room for plenty of win 10 upgrades. For just over $2000 on special it can handle lots, even games.

suicidemonkey, Aug 22, 10:53pm
Most people don't need 16GB of memory, an i7 or a dedicated graphics card. Going to have zero benefit for casual users.

Great for designers, editors, and gamers sure. But most people aren't.

nice_lady, Aug 23, 5:59am
My 3 year old i5 Asus Zenbook fits most of that except for only having 8GB ram. Hubby bought it as he insisted I have something reasonable that wouldn't be under any strain with normal daily usage. Was $1600 at the time if I recall, (not on special either). Considering it's mostly used only for crusing the internet it's way overkill - but I'm ok with that !

black-heart, Aug 23, 9:38am
Its as likely to break as any other laptop after 6 years. its the same internals, the battery will be all but used up. and if any part does break its going in the same bin as 'scrap value' windows laptop because it'll be astronomical to repair.

mrfxit, Aug 23, 9:53am
Apple laptops are pretty good in their intended field but expensive.
The crap hits the fan when Apple decide to delete the drivers & o/s off their servers, to grandfather the oldest series version of that model.

duncb, Aug 23, 1:35pm
This is like asking what car should I buy without knowing what you want to use it for. First we need to know what you are wanting to use it for. Are you just going to be looking at the internet, emails etc or do you have a more specific purpose in mind. Do you want one which is easy to carry around or are you more likely to keep it home most of the time. Do you have a budget in mind. The choice of whether to go with an Apple is more based on the software than the laptop itself. They are bit more expensive than an equivalent other laptop but if you are used to using an Apple or you are a newbie then an Apple would be a reasonable choice.

newbie5, Sep 16, 8:16pm
Too much

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