Wanting to update 4.4.2 on older Samsung tablet

cherise11, Apr 18, 3:46pm
to Android 5.0 externally because device tells me it's up to date already. Do I just download it to my tablet as a file and open it? Is it safe? What do I do please?

duncb, Apr 18, 4:26pm
I think it will help if you tell us which Samsung tablet you have

peanuts37, Apr 18, 5:04pm
Maybe no update, getting old now. May have already been updated ie 4 to 4.4.2 and that's it.

vtecintegra, Apr 18, 5:35pm
What model tablet?

gabbysnana, Apr 18, 7:07pm
Nope you cant on a samsung tablet.

suicidemonkey, Apr 18, 11:15pm
5.0 may not be available for your tablet. Depends what tablet it is.

cherise11, Apr 19, 1:53am
I have a gt-n8000 2012 model running android 4.4.2 and I want to update to 5.0 if possible, thanks.

vtecintegra, Apr 19, 7:07am
That's as up to date as that device is going to get.

I know there were some builds of Cyanogenmod of much later versions, but they never got to a usable state (and TBH that tablet is so old it isn't worth trying with)

nice_lady, Apr 19, 7:37am
You might be able to find some Cyannogen or other Roms to update the tablet. However be aware - they may or may not work with all the functionality you want, also it will be a HUGE learning curve. AND if you screw it up you will probably 'brick' the device - it may be recoverable from that but if not or if you can't then it's a 'Brick' pretty much literally and will be of no use to you or anyone else except perhaps as a fancy kitchen chopping board !

cherise11, Apr 19, 1:01pm
Okay, I don't want to brick my tablet so I will leave it. I was trying not to become a victim of obsolescence but it does look like I will have to update to a newer model. Thanks.

black-heart, Apr 19, 4:30pm
Sell it on trademe, some noob will buy it

suicidemonkey, Apr 19, 4:31pm
Oh look, outside time.

emmerson1, Dec 15, 6:51pm
Android releases the core android updates, then it is up to manufacturers to match those to all their different bits of hardware. After a few years, it gets harder to match new functionality to older hardware, and eventually they stop bothering. Like trying to find new parts for 20 year old cars.

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