Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 VE 9.7

blans, Apr 15, 2:03pm
I was planing on getting one of these but reading a lot about rubbish battery life after an update i am not so sure now. Apperantly long charging times as well; Any comments'

vtecintegra, Apr 15, 2:26pm
Beautiful screen but too old to consider these days- Samsung just doesn't keep their older stuff up to date

The basic iPad is a better bet and cheaper too

pato1, Apr 15, 2:35pm
I have just bought one and am very happy with it. Haven't read anything about battery life but the time taken to charge is ok. Screen is perfect. I prefer android. Updated to Nougat.

suicidemonkey, Apr 15, 2:37pm
The Tab S3 is out now, I'd look at that. Or the new iPad.

blans, Dec 20, 7:49pm
Always been a samsung and android user so really want to stick to those

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