Acer Aspire One ZG5

rawill, Jun 15, 9:04am
I was wanting to upgrade the Ram to 1 gig or more. Has anyone done it, seem from a video on You Tube that it requires almost a complete dismantle. Has anyone done this, what advice have you got. It is a great little travel computer. Running Linux Mint 17.2 MATE. Also wondered if Xcfe would make it faster?

vtecintegra, Jun 15, 10:08am
There is a detailed guide here:

I'd say it isn't worth it but if you have time on your hands and a spare stick of DDR2 (can't be any more than 1GB) then go for it. Just don't spend any money.

black-heart, Jun 15, 1:08pm
bin it.

rawill, Jun 15, 3:13pm
bin it! but it works fine, just thought to speed it up a bit. Nothing ventured nothing gained. All fun.
I will check the link above. Thank you.

schizoid, Jun 15, 3:26pm
Holy hell that's the most complicated RAM upgrade I've ever seen!

rawill, Nov 6, 7:48am
Yep, it sure is, they have hidden it well.

The later versions of this little model are quite a bit easier. Found some You Tube videos on it. And they had a bad BIOS fault when new. The local "retailer" fixed it for me, only for me to find he had not fixed it properly/permanently, I found that out 2 weeks into a 3 month trip in Europe. The get the Black Screen of Death! And in France, I borrowed a computer, downloaded the file, fixed it permanently. I was using it to check out our next places to stay as we were travelling by car, booking as we went. Would have been really really stuck without it!

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