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deedeeme, Jul 7, 4:02pm
I figure this is the place to ask. I want to buy a new phone under 1k. I have a Samsung J5. I like the samsungs and want to stay on skinny. But can't decide between an S7 , S8 or A8+. Most likely all 32G option.

One thing that really bugged me about the J5 was the camera. Which would be the best to get?

gpg58, Jul 7, 4:58pm
Gave up on samsung myself, and now prefer huawei. Suggest perhaps check out mate 10 models, likely get 128g and 6 g ram for those dollars.
i really like my $450 mate 10 lite (nova 2i), 64g and 4 g ram, and excellent camera, (unlocked 2deg deal at warehouse stationary) .

deedeeme, Jul 7, 5:26pm
Thanks for the reply. I will check them out.

db.price, Jul 7, 6:30pm
If going for Samsung then go for Samsung then the S 8 would be what I would go for. Great screen, great battery and the camera is also very good.

pclans, Jul 7, 9:35pm
I got an S7 active off here. Love it awesome battery and rugged and waterproof. Good camera awesome torch

paw9, Jul 8, 2:40pm
What bugged you with the camera on the J5 ? .
I bought the J5 because of the 13mp camera and find it excellent but really don't know much about them .

black-heart, Jul 8, 6:34pm
I prefer oneplus, no bloated brandware

ianab, Jul 8, 7:57pm
The A8 seems like a good phone, with most of the features of the S series, but it's cheaper.

Not saying it's as good, but it's between the J and S series in price and features, which makes it's a decent buy.

bryshaw, Jul 9, 9:07am
I don't want to spend a fortune on mobiles because they devalue overnight, so will opt for the J5:

skull, Oct 20, 3:06am
Hardly very helpful since they already have a J5.

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