Android phone. Extract calendar/notes from backup

mcscottwgtn, Feb 11, 10:13am
How do I get the calendar and notes app data extracted from my backup on my laptop. The phone is considered lost. Have yet to buy a new phone. Do I need an app from the Play Store?

Lost phone
Sony Xperia Z5 Compact (E5823)
Android 7.something

Laptop where backup is located
Windows 10
Running (Sony) Xperia Companion (the backup restore, update repair, transfer content ) app

I didn't sync the phone, only did backups to the laptop using Sony''s software


vtecintegra, Feb 11, 10:25am
It's a proprietary Sony thing so if it's possible to do at all then it'll be done through the Sony Companion app on the PC

Next time just sync the phone back to your Google account - that way retrieving what you want will be as simple as signing in.

db.price, Feb 11, 11:11am
That will learn you. Why didn't you just use the backup available via Google?

Just lost my phone a few weeks ago and when I got the new one was simple to download all my contacts, calender entries etc. Can't help with your issue now but fully suggest that you just use the Google backup next time. Just set it to back up when connected to wifi

mcscottwgtn, Feb 11, 12:44pm
Backing up to Google probably means to the cloud I assume.
Would the backup in the Sony desktop app be in a non standard format?
Am I naive in thinking because the phone is android the backup, notes, calendar, will all be in a standard format?

I am not very tech headed and won't just hit the backup or sync unless I understand what exactly it intents to do eg don't want my stuff in the cloud.

The Sony app doesn't have a great deal of usability. Was hoping of a third party do it all app on the app store to manipulate my data how I wish.

Thanks for the advice :)

mcscottwgtn, Feb 11, 2:07pm
I did have Norton Security running on the lost phone. Not that I know how to run it. Maybe I have something in the cloud after all. Probably my security dollars buying bs! It's not user friendly.

nice_lady, Feb 11, 2:32pm

mcscottwgtn, Feb 11, 5:22pm
So your saying I have to basically purchase another Sony product, then do a backup of all data (calandar, notes, messages, contacts) to Google this time?

I found I have some data in the cloud from eight years ago! This was desktop data. I tried to delete this old data but couldn't work out how to even do that simple task! The software is built for tech heads not normal humans.
No phone data in the cloud. Guess I didn't flick the correct leaver!

nice_lady, Feb 11, 6:33pm
Did you look at the link I posted?

mcscottwgtn, Feb 11, 10:40pm
I did. Thank you. They talk about contacts mainly I think. It's the other stuff, notes, calendar etc too.

I have been phone shopping online. Turns out my best bet maybe another Sony! Therefore the data may just slip back into the new device! Will have to do some research after feeling/sampling the new phones. I will do a Google backup this time. Appears Sony uses a non standard format to store the backup data or encrypts it.

nice_lady, Feb 12, 5:40am
Why the hell don't you just try the process in that link it'll only take minutes.

nice_lady, Feb 12, 5:41am
As for 'another sony' I'm not sure you can import a backup made say on a z5 onto a different model. I'll check this later as I have a z5 and a z3 here

nice_lady, Feb 12, 7:04am
That link wasn't much help TBH.
Also I've just spent a few mins making a backup of my Z5 then trying to A; use the java script app in that link to extract calander stuff - FAIL. And B; gtried to use xperia companion to 'restore' that backup or parts of it to my Z3 - FAIL. Xperia companion will enable you to extract photos/videos/music from the backup but that's about it.

So if you buy a new Sony phone I'd be thinking you may not be able to put that backup onto it.

nice_lady, Jan 31, 5:03am
You have a smartphone already ?
If signed into google on it with the same google account details you used on the Sony phone and it doesn't re-load your 'old' calendar then you're probably screwed.

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