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kiwikidd77, Jan 18, 5:46pm
I use my laptop a lot usually whilst seated in my reclina chair. Since the laptop gets quite hot I wondered about getting a cooler pad for it. There's a good range on here. Just wondering what others experiences with these have been.

nice_lady, Jan 18, 6:23pm
A cooler pad is like an ambulance at the bottom of the cliff. Essentially your machine shouldn't need one. If you use your machine on your lap make sure you have it on a flat surface, (book, tray, whatever), that way the vents, which are often on the bottom, won't get blocked and the machine won't run so hot. If you are already doing this and the machine is still running hot then it's quite likely there is some dust build up in the device which means ideally it needs a clean out because if theres dust then the cooler pad may help for a while but when the dust builds up too much the cooler pad will stop being effective.

Edit: Theres also the possibility that the fan in the machine is either not working so well, (again possibly due to dust on the fan blades or a dying bearing), or it's not working at all.

Can you hear the fan working and feel hot air coming out ?

kiwikidd77, Jan 18, 6:29pm
I can feel airflow from the vent on the side as usual. I was thinking the cooler pad would make using the laptop more comfortable. Maybe some kind of lap table instead. Also thought about gently blowing into the laptop to try to dislodge any dust. My thinking was to use the blow end of the vacuum cleaner to dislodge dust.

christin, Jan 18, 6:33pm
A can of compressed air is good for blowing dust out. Better and more efficient than a vacuum.

Have a look around, have seen as low as $6 to over $50!

nice_lady, Jan 18, 6:35pm

A vacuum puts out electrostatically charged air. If you want to silently wreck the electronic components in your computer that's one of the easy ways to do it. Depending on the machine you may be able to simply flip it over and remove a panel or two, (usually only a couple of small phillips screws), and dust it out with a small paint brush or similar. You can buy canned compressed air also which is guaranteed not to contain static electricity.

suicidemonkey, Jan 18, 6:38pm

nice_lady, Jan 18, 6:40pm
And aside from potential electrostatic damage to the internal components It wouldn't move much dust anyway more than likely. Also you might 'overspeed' the fan which isn't good for it either.

kiwikidd77, Jan 18, 6:41pm
Thanks for your advice everyone. Much appreciated by me that's for sure.

ziggy16, Jan 29, 5:51pm
I had my daughter's hand me down laptop and found it to get quite hot, I bought the Belkin cooler pad and it works wonders at keeping it cool, well worth it

nice_lady, Jan 29, 6:14pm
It's only an 'ambulance at the bottom of the cliff' and does nothing to address the issues which are making the device run hot.

mush13, Jan 29, 10:16pm
Cooler pads are great, the best thing is that you are not blocking the air intake vents on the bottom of the laptop. Placing laptop on lap blocks the vents (most laptops have bottom vents). Blocking the vents coupled with a fan system that over time is losing it's effectiveness may result in cpu or hd failure.

ronaldo8, Jan 30, 2:29am
If it's a MacBook you definitely need one, the thermal design is appalling, built-in obsolescence.

ronaldo8, Jan 30, 2:34am
That's also an excellent way to destroy the motherboard if you don't know what you are doing. The fan must be disconnected or the blades prevented from spinning, the fan will otherwise act as an excellent turbine generator sending voltage back into the motherboard, result, dead board.

black-heart, Jan 30, 9:41am
If you're confident in taking the laptop apart you'll probably find a collection of dust around the heat fins (not necessarily the fan). This can't easily be removeds with blowing air into it, and risks damage, the best method is simply to take apart the venting system and inspect for clogging.
If you're feeling exceptionally proficient, you could buy a replacement fan beforehand, aswell as reseating heatsinks with new thermal paste.
Or ask a tech to quote on doing it for you.
Alternatively stick with your original idea, cooler pads are a cheap way to treat the symptom, without addressing the cause.

vtecintegra, Jan 30, 9:50am
Cooling pads do bugger all on a MacBook because they have no vents on the bottom.

ronaldo8, Jan 30, 2:41pm
What an amusing misconception, you think they are designed to blow air into the vents?

It's specifically because they have such little ventilation anywhere that they're practically required equipment if you want it to last.

kiwikidd77, Jan 30, 4:58pm
Since I opened up the HP Pavilion laptop in question a few months ago to change the HDD to an SSD, I know how much work it will be to open it again to sort the heat problem. However, I'm confident enough to do the necessary work after it cools down tonight. I'll report back tomorrow on how I got on and where the dust was, complete with photos.

nice_lady, Jan 30, 5:07pm
cool that be good to hear if it is indeed clogged up
also when yo have it open - give the fan a 'flick' with your finger so it spins. If it stops very quickly then it may have a dying bearing.

black-heart, Jan 30, 5:19pm
thats exactly the design of the cooling pads I've seen. a stand with a fan in it to blow air into the intake of the laptop.

kiwikidd77, Jan 31, 3:51pm
OK opened my lappy and cleaned out some dirt off the fan and heatsinks etc. That cooled the system somewhat.
Also did a Windows 10 refresh which made a huge difference. Not sure why that would be as I don't run much in the way of additional software.

nice_lady, Jan 31, 3:58pm
A good effort but do tell how well was the fan spinning ?

1bravo, Jan 31, 5:04pm
If you have a hardback book in the house (ya know that thing with paper leafs inside, cardboard covers, usually used to read from it), that's all you need as 'cooling pad' under your laptop. Make sure there's no/little dust/dead bugs/rotting mice in the vents and you should be fine.

kiwikidd77, Jan 31, 7:54pm
Fan turns easily. I now have a spacer under the laptop that allows better airflow.

ronaldo8, Feb 10, 6:52pm
To blow it into the vents, really. Not simply to blow air at the laptop.

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