Gigantic Fibre

tatts2, Mar 17, 9:13pm
Hi We are on that orcon Gigantic Fibre is there a better modem than the ones that they send out for better results.

acura, Mar 17, 9:22pm
Better results? download speeds? browsing etc?

tatts2, Mar 17, 9:32pm
Browsing & some watching movies

acura, Mar 17, 9:50pm
Have you ran some speed test to see if you are getting the quoted speeds? Your browsing performance also depends on where you are connecting to - changing your modem might not make any difference. For example I've got Huawei, Asus and TP-link routers - all are fiber compatible but non of them makes a difference to my internet browsing experience. The Asus and Tp-link are better that the supplied Huawei in other ways.

ianab, Mar 17, 10:04pm
Unless you have some extreme demands, you aren't going to "overload" the standard modem they provide. As long as the video streams with no glitches, a better modem wont stream it any better.

ANY fibre connection should browse fine with a dozen devices connected, and stream HD with several at once.

Now if you are having problems, then maybe there is a fault, but a "better" router wont magically fix that. They are for places like schools and businesses where that might need 100 PCs connected. Pushing that though a little home router is "optimistic".

suicidemonkey, Mar 17, 10:15pm
Unless they're using wifi and the modem's range isn't quite meeting their needs.

tatts2, Mar 17, 10:15pm
Cheers that clears things up

nice_lady, Mar 18, 6:30am
Perhaps if you detailed what the issue is exactly ?
What kind of 'better results' you'd like to experience ?

ross1970, Mar 18, 10:51am
I'd have to disagree.
The "overload" problem is in the fact that an all-in-one isp supplied modem/router/switch/WiFiAP is all sharing the one physical cpu and ram to do all that required work. They aren't designed to be good, they are designed to be mass produced cheaply and easily installed by "anyone" to give a minimum acceptable level of service.
Using better network equipment ie separate devices each with their own dedicated hardware is going to give far better results to any moderately used network. Sure the Isp unit may be fine for low-moderate demand users but that's it. I found it very easy to overload an hg659 for example. I could never imagine going back to only using a isp device now. The first thing I would tell anyone to do re: WiFi for example is to get a dedicated Ap, not only for the better quality hardware and configuration options, but in that it then takes cpu/memory load off the Isp device.

lythande1, Mar 19, 8:24am
Everyone always blames the modem.

More than likely it's being used on wifi, and the position in the house of the modem has a lot to do with it for starters.

Can also be server lag, GD had that on minecraft the other day, I plugged in the cable for her, no difference, OK, server lag.

This weekend, same server, not too bad.

henry284, Mar 20, 7:05pm
Orcon's service is terrible. Wireless or not.

suicidemonkey, Mar 20, 9:33pm
Been on Orcon for around 2 years now, no complaints at all. We've had 1 outage in that time (lasted about 3 hours). The service is otherwise perfect.

henry284, Mar 22, 3:17pm
I was with them for barely 2 months before leaving. Speeds were about half what were advertised and their support is completely non-existent.

davepro, Mar 22, 3:24pm
OP, can you do a speedtest and let us know both the results and what your contract says you should be getting? Also, whether your PC is connected by wifi or cable to the modem. Then our experts may be able to give you some advice, instead of speculation.


suicidemonkey, Mar 22, 4:07pm
Interesting. Service is exactly as advertised for me. Haven't ever had to call their support though, so can't comment on that.

fishb8, Mar 22, 4:13pm
I'm with My Republic and before Christmas they 'gave' me a trial upgrade from 100/30 to 1000. Got a marginal download increase and a better upload.
Got in touch with their techs and they took over my ASUS modem remotely and made changes - now get 750/750 on LAN.

r.g.nixon, Mar 22, 4:26pm
In recent independent tests, Orcon fibre was the fastest of all ISPs.

hayster94, Mar 23, 1:57pm
Does speed actually vary much between isps? I'm using a netcomm netcomm nf4v currently but have done a speedtest with a fritzbox 7490 and had about the same results. With slingshot.

stelke, Jan 5, 4:01am
We were with and left a year ago. several outages incl phone line and unfortunately at the time their service levels were "we will contact you within 48 hours" which could not be challenged - so we left

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