Saving a short video from a txt message

rose-murray, Jul 20, 8:53am
Is it possible to save a short video from a txt message on my phone to my computer ?
In case I enrage anybody with lack of information, I have no idea what is required so please ask me if you need more info.
It is a short video of my late sister (who passed away a few weeks ago) and I would love to save it to my computer. it was sent to me by her daughter through MSM in a txt.

mark.p, Jul 20, 9:23am
Sorry for your loss. Why not just get your daughter to email the video as an attachment? Then you'll be able to access it on your computer.

crtnz, Jul 20, 9:32am
My condolences.
Have you ever connected your phone to your computer before ? If not.
Use your charge/data cable from your phone to your computer (USB in.)
Your computer should connect to your phone automatically and present you with various options, one of which will be to save to your computer.

rose-murray, Jul 20, 10:03am
Thank you for your replies. Yes I have downloaded photos etc but when I plugged it in this time I couldn't find a reference to messages to access the video. It is my niece who has the video and I was trying not to upset her by asking her to try again. How ever I will ask her to email it. They used it as part of the funeral video so she may find it easier just to send the whole thing. I think she was the one who took it on her phone.
I just found how to save it to download on the phone, but when I saved it to my computer there was no sound. I think I will try and get a copy of the funeral format

gyrogearloose, Jul 20, 10:33am
The audio may be in a format that your phone can play, but your computer may lack the decoder necessary.

Identifying the format and installing a decoder is one option, but an easier solution would be to upload the file to an online converter and bring it back to your computer in a format that your computer already has a decoder for.

An example of an online converter is:

Which definitely handles the 3gp format common on phone videos. You drag and drop the file from your computer to the spot on the page called "Select or drop file" and then it drags you through the process.

rose-murray, Oct 11, 6:57pm
Thanks GGL I gave it a go but it wouldn't work. Anyway niece just told me it was on a USB and she will email it to me this weekend.

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