Samsung galaxy j2 phone help

springgrove, Feb 12, 1:59pm
Hi my Samsung is showing I have used up 89% of its memory. I have a large sd card installed for photos. I have no music and all photos only very few are on the sd card. I goolgled and it says its memory cannot be expanded . Does anyone know if this is the case.

nice_lady, Feb 12, 2:03pm
Move all your photos onto the card ?

springgrove, Feb 12, 2:49pm
That's where they are stored but the memory storage still comes up as 89% I have stopped all updates downloading automatically but still saying full ish.

cube_guy, Feb 12, 3:02pm
If you have a base J2 it has 8GB of internal storage. When you factor in the operating system and even just a few apps that you might care to add, it is not enough for this day and age and I can understand why its saying that it is nearly full. There is basically nothing you can do about this, except buy a phone with more storage.

springgrove, Feb 12, 3:15pm
Ok so if I was to update it would a j5 be sufficient if it has the capacity to utilise the sd card .

nice_lady, Feb 12, 3:20pm
You said:

Now I'm bloody confused. Anyway. do the following:

clear the cache it's very easy and it may very well bring you a bit of breathing space.

Open the apps drawer
Access ?

springgrove, Feb 12, 3:24pm
Yup everytime it has an update or am on it for more than a few minutes I always do this . I have uninstalled updates and stopped auto updates on things I don't use but just won't budge it off that high percentage. If I upgrade how do I know this is not going to be an ongoing issue or is it just the base J2 that is the problem. :)

peanuts37, Feb 12, 4:12pm
J5 has I think has same 8gig storage so take operating system off that leaves you around 4gig not nearly enough now days. Go for a phone with minimum 16 gig storage with expandable memory so you can fit your SD card but better still make it 32+gig + expandable storage for some future proofing. Both J2-J5 getting quite old now.

duncb, Feb 12, 4:19pm
I would recommend you get 32GB. In my view 16GB is too little except for the most basic user

springgrove, Feb 12, 4:30pm
Ok thats the sort of info looking for thanks. So go for high gb and make sure expandable memory. Just needing to keep up with our young adults as in contact by snapchat messenger and photos etc. .

duncb, Feb 12, 4:54pm
It need not cost you a fortune. I am a bit of a fan of Xiaomi phones. For instance you can get the Xiaomi Note 5A online for well under $200 3Gb Rom 32GB memory 5.5" screen

nice_lady, Feb 12, 5:17pm

suicidemonkey, Feb 12, 8:27pm
Tbh if you're otherwise happy with the phone, you don't reeeallly need to upgrade. Just backup the photos to your PC and delete them. Then do a nice_lady said and clear the cache. Also delete any unwanted apps.

Just my opinion

duncb, Feb 12, 11:20pm
There is no doubt that you can do this but this is an uphill battle if you are running a few extra apps which are being updated all time.

suicidemonkey, Feb 12, 11:24pm
Totally agree, but it's always worth looking at the other options, not everyone wants to or can afford to upgrade.

velenski, Jan 30, 7:04am
huawei y5 2017 . great phone for $179.

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