Anyone use Thunderbird email programme

melford, Jul 7, 6:44pm
Question from a friend -- when her email programme is first opened there is a line at the top where individual emails appear as boxes. Unless each one is closed my friend cannot see the list of emails. How does she stop this happening please

king1, Jul 7, 7:00pm
I imagine you are talking about the 'tabs'. Thunderbird opens each message in a new tab. If you don't close them as you use them (the X in each tab) they just sit there and the number of them grows quite large, as well as the memory requirements.

The very left hand tab is usually your inbox. RIGHT click the inbox tab, there is an option to 'close all other tabs' or similar

mark.p, Jul 7, 7:07pm

melford, Oct 20, 8:11pm
Many thanks people.

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