Internet speeds

mahairy, Jul 31, 3:47pm
For a household with one couple who usually stteam tog
on one tv . is 30mbps for down and 9 mbps for uploads ok?

suicidemonkey, Jul 31, 3:52pm
Will be plenty for streaming HD content - won't be enough for streaming 4k, but unless you have a 4K TV, that won't matter.

mr-word, Jul 31, 6:34pm
You should be okay for streaming 1080P content.
Go onto youtube and search for 4K Content and just try.
With youtube if your cpu is weak the videos will be jerky e.g 1080p60 fps

Your connection should be fine if you are the only one using it e.g lightbox not sure about video services from overseas as you'll be limited by international bandwidth.

ianab, Oct 3, 6:58pm
According to Netflix you want 5-7 mbit for a HD stream. 4K streams will need more, but that's not common yet.

Assuming this is the basic fibre plan you are talking about, upgrading to 100mb is only a phone call away in the future, so you aren't painting yourself into a corner, and can upgrade any time for a "modest" charge.

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