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strebo, Jun 6, 10:24am
When using Outlook in Windows 7 the font becomes almost microscopical and I have to use a larger (20+) font so that i can see what I am writing. I guess the recipient then has a very large font when the file is opened.
What is going on?

nice_lady, Jun 6, 10:28am
You could try going into the settings for outlook, (can't tell you how as you didn't mention what version you have), and ensure that the default font size is set to something reasonable.

You could also send yourself an email to see what font size it comes in as ?
And or you could open a 'new' message form and type a word then hold ctrl key and scroll the mouse wheel this will either make the font you VIEW smaller or larger depending on if you scroll forwards or backwards.

k-i-n-g, Jun 6, 4:13pm
Sounds like you've accidentally zoomed out.
Hold the CTRL button and move your scroll mouse thingie forward and back and see if that helps.

thewomble1, Jun 14, 1:45am
CTRL button and - button smaller text.
CTRL buttonn and + button to make bigger

black-heart, Jun 14, 8:07am
start button / run command
outlook.exe /cleanviews

nice_lady, Nov 7, 5:11pm

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