Rural broadband

niall, May 7, 2:53pm
Just moved to a rural place (only 3km out of a town), on 2 degrees. The internet keeps timimg out and finding it hard to access a lot of sites. Who is the best for rural broadband?

tegretol, May 7, 3:15pm
Do you know anyone in town well enough to put a small dish on their roof to obtain line of sight to your own roof and with whom you could enter a shared-subscription arrangement? If so, then buy a pair of Ubiquiti 5GHz links $300/pair) and aim them at each other. The pair will effectively become one very long hunk of ethernet cable.

spyware, May 7, 6:33pm
Chorus cabinets around Edendale, you want to be near one. May help to get master splitter/filter installed at ETP, Chorus special $299.,168.766812,11z

niall, May 7, 7:24pm
Thank you for your reply,
Sorry my internet won't bring that link up

spyware, May 7, 7:37pm
It can be slow to load. Here's a capture of Edendale area. Pink circles are Chorus cabinets.

niall, May 7, 7:44pm
Thank you for that, looks like they are quiet far from us.

nice_lady, May 7, 7:50pm
I assume you mean your internet is currently supplied by 2degrees from a cell tower ? If so why not see if Skinny/spark/voda run the same service in your area. IT's quite possible that their offerings are much better/faster signal.

niall, May 7, 7:52pm
Thank you, yes going to look into Vodafone to see what they have to offer.

spyware, May 7, 7:56pm

nice_lady, May 7, 8:02pm
Just get hold of a friend who has spark/skinny/voda phone and get them to test the signal strength and speed before you buy any products ok. It's easy.

niall, May 7, 8:23pm
yes will look around and see what I can check out, don't know anyone in the area as yet.

spyware, May 7, 8:24pm
Spark 4G coverage map shows 700 MHz covering area very well, and also good 3G coverage.

mush13, May 7, 11:56pm
Maybe try it's a local company with a strong presence in rural Southland. I think they have their own network as well as the normal services.

hulloitsme, May 8, 8:57pm
I thought 4G was 1800MHz?

spyware, May 9, 6:55am
Band 28 is 700 MHz. Band 3 is 1800.

hulloitsme, May 10, 10:16pm
Yep, both are 4G.

shinedog, Dec 2, 5:16am
Band 3 (1800) & B7 (2600) used mainly in cities and larger towns B28 (700) for the rest of the country.

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