Modem keeps cutting out

bluecalico, Feb 4, 12:50pm
We keep losing wi-fi. Modem keeps cutting out. It's a free Telecom one, not sure age. but at least ten years old I suppose. Kept wondering why phone kept reverting to 4G and then realised problem. We keep rebooting the modem, but phone won't connect. Tried a different modem but couldn't even get that to work. Phone now not on 4G but have had to reboot modem so many times. ISP help page said to try connecting an Ethernet cable. don't have one of those. used to. Any other advice greatly received. Thanks.

r.g.nixon, Feb 4, 12:52pm
That's amazing, 10 years!. They should send you a new one for free. Talk to them nicely.

lythande1, Feb 4, 12:58pm
Couldn't get it to work? Did you enter the correct settings, probably not, most people never look them up and do it properly.

dutch9, Feb 4, 1:09pm
Had same problem as mine died after 10 years and Spark made me pay half costs towards new modem plus postage . Had to enter password on back of new modem on my mobile devices when installed .
Works great now.

nice_lady, Feb 4, 1:19pm
Tell em you're not paying for any modem.
Cheeky buggers will try it on.

trele, Feb 5, 5:02pm
I had the same problem when using a Telecom/Spark modem that had quite a few years under its belt. Replaced the modem with a "free" replacement from Spark and the problem went away. "Free" was subject to a 12 month broadband contract or the alternative option was to purchase the replacement.

nice_lady, Feb 7, 8:00am
Yeah and 'purchase' at an inflated price.

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