Installing an old hard drive

afroiz, Aug 19, 5:25pm
I have a external 2TB hard drive that is in an enclosure that I use to store images and videos. I was wondering if I could replace a cd drive I have currently inside my computer with the 2TB hard drive with the stuff stored on it.

Any help if appreciated!

olack, Aug 19, 5:32pm
I think the Rom drive is wider than the HDD and you would need an adapter. I have made things like this for myself before and usually there is a spare hdd bay where the current hdd is installed in the case.

suicidemonkey, Aug 19, 5:47pm
Yes you'll need a 5.25" to 3.5" adapter. Search that on Trademe and you'll find one.

Also make sure the computer has a spare SATA and power cable for the drive, depending on the age of the PC the CD drive may use an IDE cable.

afroiz, Aug 19, 5:54pm
Sorry, I should have been more clear. I did not mean that the HDD would go in the same place as the CD drive but use the cables from the CD drive.

lythande1, Aug 19, 6:29pm
yes. If the HDD is 2/5" you'll need an adapter bracket, cheap and easy to find from the nearest PC shop.

suicidemonkey, Aug 19, 6:30pm
The answer to that is a definitive maybe. Depends if the CD drive uses SATA or IDE. How old is the computer?

ianab, Aug 19, 6:34pm
I will go with "probably".

Most system boards have more than 2 SATA drive connectors, maybe 4 or more.

That then leaves drive bays and power connectors. Is there space to physically mount the drive, and does the power supply have spare plug to power it?

If it's a mini-tower or full size desktop case, then 99% you can mount the drive internally, even if you need another SATA cable to connect it to the system board,

I have machines here with 3 hards disks, and a DVD drive.

nice_lady, Aug 19, 7:32pm
So long as the computer is not a laptop, (otherwise its a bit more involved), just open it up and see if the cabling to the dvd drive is the same type as the hard drive requires - if it is yep just plug it in. While the machine if off of course. It's really very simple.

afroiz, Aug 19, 7:43pm
This is my motherboard:

It does not appear that there are any spare power connectors which is why I wanted to use the one from the CD drive and there is space to physically mount the HDD.

The CD drive uses SATA.

afroiz, Aug 19, 8:09pm
Glad to know its that simple. Just a quick question though do I have to worry about making one of the drives a slave?

nice_lady, Aug 19, 8:58pm
Sata does that automatically. And the boot drive will have an active partition on it the other won't.

afroiz, Aug 19, 9:05pm
Awesome! Thank you very much!

suicidemonkey, Aug 19, 9:14pm
Yeah AFAIK the master/slave thing was only relevant back in the IDE days when the BIOS wasn't smart enough to figure things out for itself. No need to worry about it anymore.

namtak, Aug 20, 8:28pm
Checked your link and the motherboard shown has 6 sata ports so plenty to go around without disturbing the optical drive.

nice_lady, Aug 20, 8:45pm
Post #9 says they don't have any spare power connectors.

king1, Aug 20, 10:00pm
an adapter cable is an easy fix for that, say 1x molex to 2x sata. no more than a few dollars

nice_lady, Aug 21, 5:53am
Yeah I'm aware of that just couldn't be bothered trying to type it on my phone.

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