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afroiz, Jul 6, 12:51pm
I have been having a lot of issues with my computer for the last weeks and have been trying to diagnose the problem but cannot find the solution.

In the beginning the computer would just randomly shutdown and then when it would be turned on after that there would be no display and no usb power output so things like mouse and key boards would not work. I tried replacing the CMOS which seemed to work for a day or two but then it returned back to the same problem.

I have now replaced the motherboard (fm2a68m hd+) and the problem still consists. I also tried using different ram to see if it was that but still get the same problem.

Is it possible that it is the CPU? Any help is greatly appreciated.

r.g.nixon, Jul 6, 12:57pm
Much more likely that it's the PSU.

afroiz, Jul 6, 1:00pm
I forgot to mention that I have tried two different PSUs.

mark.p, Jul 6, 1:00pm
Sounds like a psu issue.

mark.p, Jul 6, 1:18pm
If the cpu is the only thing not replaced it wouldn't hurt to swap it out. Its unlikely hdd could be causing issues.

Can you try booting a flavour of Linux off a usb thumb drive or optical media?

king1, Jul 6, 1:28pm
not an intel SSD is it? there have been some issues with win 10 1803 causing random reboots

afroiz, Jul 6, 1:39pm
Nope, just a standard HDD.

mark.p, Jul 6, 1:40pm
Any extra expansion cards?

king1, Jul 6, 1:43pm
another HDD and clean install of windows will give a reasonably definitive hardware / software answer. Bit of pain having to do so but for these problems it is a useful test

afroiz, Jul 6, 1:49pm
I believe that you can successfully turn on a computer without a hard drive and when you do you should be taken straight to a boot menu but the screen never turns on so I can not get to that point.

mark.p, Jul 6, 1:53pm
Have another monitor to try?

king1, Jul 6, 2:08pm
are you using the internal graphics on the mobo or a graphics card?

king1, Jul 6, 2:20pm
You mentioned earlier being able to replace (i assume you mean reset) the bios which makes it work?

mark.p, Jul 6, 2:49pm
Reflashed the bios firmware by the sounds of it.

nice_lady, Jul 6, 2:58pm
Some bios chips are physically removable and replaceable hubby's done it maybe once many years ago. It can cause a lack of boot-ability if the bios is screwed of course. Is not common.

I can't see how that would be the issue in this situation as the motherboard was changed. AH. Hmm. -

Op did you change the cpu or remove the heatsink and replace it at anytime on the first motherboard and or the 2nd ?

afroiz, Jul 6, 3:18pm
King1 - I am using the internal graphics card that is built into the motherboard and what I meant to have said is that I replaced the CMOS battery because I heard that it could be causing the issue.

nice_lady - The CPU had never being touched on the first motherboard but when I got the replacement motherboard I then transferred the CPU to it and reapplied new thermal paste.

nice_lady, Jul 6, 3:24pm
ok how much thermal paste did you apply ?

and what sort of condition was the thermal paste in on the cpu mount that you removed from the original mobo ? By this I mean - was there sufficient paste, a small amount, a large amount, was it very dry ? what ?

mark.p, Jul 6, 3:25pm
Have you tried another monitor?

nice_lady, Jul 6, 3:27pm
Can't see the relevance to what monitor they're using ?

nice_lady, Jul 6, 3:28pm
Also OP are you sure the cpu cooling fan was working correctly and had good bearings on the original mobo and can you give certainty that it's ok on the new one ?

mark.p, Jul 6, 3:31pm
Its called covering all bases. A common theme is no video output.

afroiz, Jul 6, 3:35pm
mark.p - no I haven't but I will give it a try.

nice_lady - The amount I used was about the size of a pea and was placed in the centre. The previous thermal paste looked like it covered the entire CPU and its condition can be best described as almost like the same texture as dried glue on your hands if that makes any sense. The fan on the CPU spins at what looks like a sufficient speed on both the old and the new motherboard.

king1, Jul 6, 3:38pm
especially now we know there is no external graphics card involved. Doesn't happen often but a couple of times i've come across monitors causing this sort of crap.
Also the input type could be an issue - my son had a monitor that worked fine on DVI but when plugged into VGA caused random crashes

mark.p, Jul 6, 3:40pm
You generally get a "No Video Signal" or similar if its ok.

afroiz, Jul 6, 3:43pm
The input type is VGA. Also the monitor has been tested with other computers and it appears to work fine.

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