Posting video on email

midnight42, Jun 20, 3:39pm
I just tried to send a video on xtra mail and it said there was insufficient memory. how do I get around that? any ideas please?

nice_lady, Jun 20, 3:44pm
How many MB was the video?

midnight42, Jun 20, 3:46pm

nice_lady, Jun 20, 3:54pm
Rofl. That's FAR too large to email. Maybe 1/10Th of that size at most would be suitable.

nice_lady, Jun 20, 3:55pm
Email systems wont't carry files that big.

nice_lady, Jun 20, 3:56pm
Upload it to YouTube and email the link

midnight42, Jun 20, 3:58pm
Damn! Is there any way I can condense it or something? It is a video with music on it, and I don"t particularly want to send the video, just the music. Is this possible, please?

midnight42, Jun 20, 4:08pm
It is a tune I wrote and it is my first try at writing music. I want to send it to a friend who has written some lyrics and maybe they will fit. My keyboard skills are not really good enough for me to put them on Youtube for everyone to see, I dont think. Thank you for your help though. You are indeed a Nice Lady.

nice_lady, Jun 20, 4:20pm
You could split the music off the video ? Trust me anything is possible.

nice_lady, Jun 20, 4:20pm
You can also upload to youtube but set the viewing permissions to private and just send your friend a link.

nice_lady, Jun 20, 4:22pm
What format is the video ?
Mp4 ?
Avi ?
What ?

morticia, Jun 20, 4:22pm
What format is it in? If you can convert it to mp4 it will be very small in comparison. Also, if you rip the music off it and turn it into mp3 it will be audio only and much smaller again.

snoopy221, Jun 20, 4:30pm
You can always revert back to olden times and either burn it to a cd or put it on a usb stick and send it to a physical address by good old snail mail

suicidemonkey, Jun 20, 4:36pm
Upload to Youtube then rip out an mp3 using:

There's software that can do it but the above way works fine in a pinch.

jon9, Jun 20, 5:28pm
Why not try setup a free dropbox or Box account?

nice_lady, Jun 20, 5:29pm
Theres certainly lots of options.

gyrogearloose, Jun 20, 6:10pm
Download ffmpeg. It's run from the command line and to do what you want would be as simple as typing 'ffmpeg -i

midnight42, Jun 20, 9:38pm
Thanks, I did that and it worked ok.

gpg58, Nov 2, 4:51am
Watch the number of views it gets(set to private), i have seen stuff i did get multiple views before i even emailed a link to the person it was for.

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