Facebook hacked

marlin9, Mar 16, 6:44pm
have changed password and settings - what else do you do.

gyrogearloose, Mar 16, 6:44pm
Complain to Facebook administration.

marlin9, Mar 16, 7:13pm
yeah great tell me how

suicidemonkey, Mar 16, 7:21pm
How was it hacked?

It's extremely rare that a "hacker" would access your account.

gyrogearloose, Mar 16, 7:22pm

rudahome, Mar 16, 8:25pm
Make sure you "log out of all sessions" in security settings

ianab, Mar 16, 9:47pm
Hacked or "cloned"?

Cloned means someone set up a new account with your public details, then tried to add your contacts.

Your account isn't compromised, they are targeting your friends by pretending to be you, then they try and scam / hack them. Warn your friends, report the fake account, and check the security settings on your account. (keep your contacts private etc)

marlin9, Mar 18, 9:36am
ianab - thanks yes seems was cloned. have changed password told people changed my profile pic, changed settings. just not sure how to report to Facebook about cloning. I am a 'older' person so not that clever

suicidemonkey, Mar 18, 12:53pm
Yes it's very common, your account wasn't hacked and your password is safe.

Generally Facebook are pretty quick to remove the clone account.

You'll find more info here:

..pip.., Mar 18, 1:01pm
Your account wasn't hacked nor is it at risk. It's just been cloned. Anyone can do it. I could go do it right now. Right click and copy your photos, set up an account with the same name and try and friend all your friends. They do it so that can scam your friends into giving them money (because your friends make think they are you)

I suggest you change your security settings so that your friends list is hidden https://www.facebook.com/help/115450405225661?helpref=uf_permalink and that you set your profile to private http://time.com/4166749/facebook-privacy-settings-guide/

thebuzzyone, Mar 18, 4:45pm
What next? My suggestion would be to enable two-step verification so that any type of action to change anything always requires verification from your own cellphone.

suicidemonkey, Mar 18, 7:36pm
Once again, this isn't a "hack". Their account hasn't been compromised. While it's still good to use 2-factor auth, there is no need to change the password in this case.

ianab, Mar 18, 10:16pm
And, if you get a friend request from someone that's already on your friends list, chances are it's a cloned account, and they are out to scam you.

Unless they are one of those idiots that forget their password, don't set up a password recovery to phone or email, and just create a new account. In that case, delete them anyway. You don't need people like that in your life

trade_menow, Mar 19, 1:12am
if you want higher security - turn on 2nd factor authentication
go to small arrow on the far right hand side - settings - security and login - setting up extra security
with it turned on it sends a code to your registered cell on all devices that you have not logged into before - or it can be set to send a code every time you login
and you can even choose between 3-5 trusted friends to help you log back in again - located under 2nd factor authentication

gtp, Mar 19, 8:31am
MeWe the alternative to Facebook

What is MeWe?
MeWe is the world?

suicidemonkey, Mar 19, 2:46pm
. no users

king1, Jan 7, 7:41am
and by the time they get several billion users, guess what will happen.

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