You've got to be kidding me !

morticia, Dec 16, 3:56pm
lol or they were a low capacity chinese knockoff usb to start with.

nice_lady, Dec 16, 4:01pm
Yeah did wonder that.

peanuts37, Dec 16, 4:16pm
I don't trust USB drives never have but good portability and temporary storage. DVDs are far more reliable in my opinion but there are still better storage methods.

nice_lady, Dec 16, 4:19pm
Ok I'll bite; what are they ?

joanie04, Dec 16, 4:27pm
I wouldn't take any notice of anything harrymay says. The word xspurt comes to mind. X being an unknown quantity and spurt a drip under pressure.

king1, Dec 16, 4:48pm
I could feel my brain cells dying off as I read that post.

skin1235, Dec 16, 4:54pm
and there you have one very compelling reason why legals highs are not good for anyone

suicidemonkey, Dec 16, 4:54pm
I'd say he's obviously a troll because no one could be that stupid, but unfortunately some people are indeed that stupid.

peanuts37, Dec 16, 5:04pm
Depends on how much you want stored, I like stored local so I can access without internet and don't have much but most on DVD and Bluray and not so important stuff on hard drive.

hayster94, Dec 17, 2:37pm
You would think that but that particular poster posts that sort of garbage all the time.

nice_lady, Dec 17, 2:57pm
Love it.

zak410, Dec 17, 7:26pm
Is that like 'talking behind his back' ?

devonwrecked, Dec 17, 7:56pm
No. I'm that rude to his face.

csador, Dec 18, 4:15pm
DVDs even if stored correctly have a finate shelf life before they'll eventually deteriorate

black-heart, Dec 18, 8:01pm
Anyone who thinks this obviously hasn't realised how easily damaged optical media is.

ianab, Dec 18, 9:18pm
Yes it was sucking my will to live too. I gave up 1/2 way though.

As for his USB issues, I'm going with PEBKAC.

namtak, Dec 23, 4:54pm
The really frightening part is that he probably votes as well.

nice_lady, 6 days, 14 hours
Yeah and drives.

Unfortunately for both those very important activities almost any citizen of NZ can do them. Scary stuff !

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