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mcarky, Aug 11, 9:34pm
With multiple users in our house including numerous visitors, I feel for the need of more control. Just changing the password is not good enough as it means I have to then act as a marshall. So my question is, does anyone know of a system that allows an app or wifi manager to create levels of access based within certain time frames using a series of passwords.

For example access #1 password allows access to all areas.
#2 all areas between 3.00pm and 5.00pm daily
#3 to the web excluding movies, clips, youtube or any other moving material. For Research and Homework.
#4 Guest setting etc.
I see numerous posts by parents with uncontrollable sneaky kids, that need better access controls, but the system needs multiple options and passwords allowing for different situations. Must be easy to set up and understand.

vtecintegra, Aug 11, 9:43pm
This needs to be done on your wireless router.

Whether or not it's possible depends on what sort of router you are using, and TBH I don't think any of the options are going to fit your last criteria.

peanuts37, Aug 11, 9:46pm
I use a Huawei router and have their app on phone, can see whose using it and connect/disconnect them individually but can not set times.

suicidemonkey, Aug 11, 9:56pm
There is software like K9 that does much of what you've described, but it needs to be installed on each PC.

Most ISP provided routers don't have that sort of functionality built-in.

ross1970, Aug 12, 12:31am
Unifi controller and Unifi access point(s) from Ubiquiti.

r.g.nixon, Aug 12, 7:54am
Something like going through a computer running IPCOP, or whatever it has been superseded by.

acura, Aug 12, 1:41pm
A lot of routers have guest access with some kind of filter. My main router (asus RT-AC68u) can create multiple guest accounts with selectable access to intranet (network shares etc) and with specific access time and limit bandwidth (could be useful to control streaming services?). The filtering of content itself from the router side is more complicated - youtube, online videos etc are still web traffic. For those i assume you would need software on the pc/tablet themselves.

loud_37, Aug 12, 3:30pm
No matter what you put in place there is always a way to get round it.

emmerson1, Aug 12, 3:41pm
You could do this if you can find a router that runs OpenWRT or some similar package. Not easy though.

Another way is to put a computer into the loop, but for that you need a PC with two network ports, and then the same kind of software to control your access and logging.

azza20, Aug 12, 8:53pm
I have a TP Link Archer C9 router which allows me to control a lot of wifi settings so is great when you have children. I can set up daily schedules down to the nearest hour for when they can have internet access or not. It can also restrict certain websites and control data usage. It is a dual band router so keeps the kids separate to your wifi, It also has dual band guest wifi so 4 different wifi streams can be in use at once. The guest wifi keeps kids and friends off your main network

mcarky, Aug 14, 12:29pm
Thanks, sounds like the closest, but still very complicated. I had hope with current technology a simple add on or app with the code written into it that would allow the home administrator to allocate access to different users with varying filters selected and built in.

mcarky, Aug 14, 12:32pm
yes used this when the kids were young, but it also stopped access to the web which they need for school research.

mcarky, Aug 14, 12:38pm
It seems I am expecting too much control at the Wifi / router level. Even a top line Router only provides some individual control. Would seem my wishes to control access of material and at certain times is counter to marketing concepts and advertising of those that make money from the net.

spyware, Aug 14, 12:47pm
What crap. If kids toy routers had these features the little puters in them would grind to a halt.

Nothing stopping you building your own router, installing a web filtering appliance, and/or writing any code you wish.

mrfxit, Sep 24, 11:59pm
A tool/ app like that will in most cases cost a reasonable amount of cash & ongoing learning/ maintenance.
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