Norton Firewall fix ?

pauline999, Mar 9, 6:34am
Just recently ( over the last 2 or 3 weeks) a message pops up when I log on to my laptop ' Norton firewall is off" and a 'fix' tick. I have to do this every time these days. I have gone into Norton settings and tried to change the setting from OFF to ON but that area is greyed out. Is there another way to do this ? Thanks

king1, Mar 9, 7:34am
uninstall and reinstall.
or better yet, just uninstall - your device will thank you for it

black-heart, Mar 9, 8:48am
+1 for uninstall. 1 less malware on your PC.
mal as in malicious (when it comes time to renew / pay)
mal as in malfunctioning, the rest of the time.

nice_lady, Mar 9, 10:07am
Lol Norton is so much loved. By techs. Who make money sorting out users issues with it.

black-heart, Mar 9, 12:08pm
it's not our fault it takes 15 minutes to uninstall.

trade_menow, Mar 9, 12:14pm
if you really need to pay for security ditch norton and go with nod32

pauline999, Mar 13, 3:59pm
I just looked back and found that my last Norton renewal was NZ$159. I have cancelled the automatic renewal (due April) but now I need to find another anti-virus system to compare with nod32. What do you use and can recommend please?

king1, 5 days, 9 hours
Eset, can't beat it. I'm a reseller though so factor that in

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