IRD scam

pommyjohn1, Mar 22, 1:30pm
Just received a text " Hi Ird here click here to see if you are due a refund"
I don't think IRD work that way

gyrogearloose, Mar 22, 2:09pm
I used to get a man with an Indian accent ringing claiming to be from IRD, he'd claim one of the girls owed student allowance and wanted to know her current address and phone number. Scammer!

joanie04, Mar 22, 2:20pm
IRD do not send texts or emails checking if you are due a refund. Quite often you know it is a scam because somewhere the word "fiscal" will be used. A term not used ever by them.

suicidemonkey, Mar 23, 10:09pm
Surely people would realise it's a scam as the IRD would never willingly offer anyone money :P

joanie04, Mar 23, 10:36pm
That as well.

ross1970, Mar 23, 10:51pm
No that one' fully legit. Always click every link. No harm in trying aye?

russell.s.c, Mar 23, 11:07pm
you're right they don't but you can try here -

suicidemonkey, Mar 23, 11:37pm
Sure, click all the links, just don't type in your password :P

db.price, Mar 24, 7:55am
Actually ird are doing a sms campaign for those who did their own tax returns in 2016 and 2017.

lythande1, Mar 24, 8:41am
Not to mention the address it takes you tom the email it comes from, all pretty obvious really.

..pip.., Mar 24, 8:43am
Don't be a kcid!

db.price, Mar 24, 2:08pm
IRD REALLY are doing a Txt messaging campaign. See the link below from their website:

So likely op you may have gotten this Txt if you did your 2016 and 2017 returns yourself.

mr-word, Jan 4, 5:54pm
Ird send me a text message to check my tax.

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