Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge issues

battgirl, Feb 2, 8:49am
Not sure if this is the right forum for this post but can't find a "stupid mobile phone stuff" one so here I am.

I bought my beautiful sexy Samsung S7 Edge about a year ago and love almost everything about it, except for the INCREDIBLY irritating fact that the gallery keeps freezing and/or corrupting photos, the camera often fails to take pictures until after a restart, and about 70% of the time the phone is unresponsive when I try to wake it from sleep mode (black screen, blue light flashing, no response to pushing any keys). Other than that it's a complete delight.

I've done lots of googling and performed every fix from cache/data clearing and removing 3rd party apps to a full factory restore (which I did 3 days ago) and no improvement. If anything after the restore it's even more temperamental.

I've been putting up with this so long that I'm now well out of warranty period, but have had enough - does anyone have any ideas other than buying a new phone and/or throwing this one firmly against a brick wall?

Surely starting up and taking/storing pics isn't too much to ask of such a glorious piece of modern technology?

cube_guy, Feb 2, 9:02am
Samsung has a 2 year warranty with their phones. Where did you buy it from?

battgirl, Feb 2, 9:51am
Noel Leemings. Might pop in. thanks!

peanuts37, Feb 2, 9:53am

bassmo1, Feb 2, 10:15am
Use the warranty period to ask about anything you are unhappy about. Stop messing around.

cube_guy, Feb 2, 10:19am
Exactly, it sounds like these are frustrating ongoing issues and that you have done as much as can be expected of a typical end user. Take it back and get it looked after.

peanuts37, Feb 2, 10:39am
If your using an SD card remove it and see if problem persists. Could be bad card.

db.price, Feb 2, 11:13am
Yes 2 year warranty and more under the CGA!

As suggested above check the SD card and male sure that isn't the issue and if not the take it in and get them to sort it.

However expect frustration! Likely they will send it away and 2 weeks later it will come back saying they could not get it to do the same error. About 10 minutes after leaving the store error will occur. Repeat same procedure 2 or 3 times before demanding they replace the phone. They will then send it away one more time and magically replace a particular part and viola, phone will be fixed.

Had something similar with my S4 and a SIM card issue. Said it was fixed or they could not find a fault. Left store error occurred. The last time I literally had walked about 30 meters from the service counter when the error occurred. Went straight back and showed the tech so he know I was not some crazy person. Finally after 3 attempts and 4 weels without the phone they fixed it.

battgirl, Feb 2, 11:33am
Funnily enough, I popped into 2 degrees to see if they would lend me a loan phone while mine was in the shop, and the lovely bloke there suggested this might be the issue. He whipped the card out, I restarted the phone and so far I have had no problems with the gallery (I've NEVER been able to swipe through photos and have them show up for example, it's always black screen after black screen once I swipe past the first one).

Not holding my breath but my goodness it would be fantastic if that's the fix I needed all along - thanks so much to everyone for your advice and for kicking me in the butt to do something about it.

cube_guy, Feb 2, 11:36am
I'd disagree, when I worked at a big box retailer and dealt with electronics returns, Samsung were always one of the easiest to deal with, and one of the fastest to get devices back to us. All cases won't be the same of course, but to say someone should expect frustration when dealing with a return with Samsung is definitely not right in my experience. Try dealing with HP on a regular basis *Shudders*.

cube_guy, Feb 9, 8:19am
Hey wow, that is good news. Great stuff!

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