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jano8, Jul 5, 3:11pm
I can no longer access my gmail account on my new laptop, as I forgot original password and when i go through all the reminders it always comes back to my original email that i provided on setup of which I no longer have, was a .com address that I no longer own. Am still logged onto gmail on my iphone and ipad, - is there a way I can change my password or settings on ipad or iphone without having original email address and not getting totally logged out. Or does anyone know of any gmail experts i can see for help ?

Also any recommendations for an alternative email provider. Using xtra, of where I had encouraged all to use my Gmail account, and now I am having trouble accessing gmail & xtra is getting worse each day. Any help appreciated .

ross1970, Jul 5, 3:20pm
You set no other recovery methods on your Google account?
When you go to login and select "forgot password" select 'try another way" to cycle thru recovery options. ie recovery email - recovery mobile - recovery question etc .

vtecintegra, Jul 5, 3:31pm
Yeah depends on what recovery options you set up.

There is a reason why Gmail nags you to check your recovery addresses/numbers are up to date - there is no way back into the account if you forget the password without being able to access one of the recovery methods.

jano8, Jul 5, 3:32pm
Yes, I have spent ages going round in circles, with them sending codes to my iphone, my xtra email address etc etc and i go through all of this but my actual email address i set up with gmail was the .com address i no longer have and after going around in circles ie sending codes to my iphone and to my xtra address it seems to finalise with the .com address of which I don't have. Its driven my crazy - havn't been able to access it on my laptop since before xmas. But I now need a new phone and terrified of losing gmail altogether. Hence I think I need to see an expert.

trad, Jul 5, 3:40pm
In short, you are saying that the recovery options you set up were with a gmail email address you no longer use, and you have not set up any new recovery options with your new gmail email address?

ross1970, Jul 5, 3:49pm
they clearly said it was email on a .com domain they no longer hold.

jano8, Jul 5, 3:52pm
trad - yes - sorry it was a bit jumbled but thats pretty much the issue.

trad, Jul 5, 4:11pm
In my android phone I can go into gmail and then setting and then there is a place for "Control your password and account settings" I did not go into it. I am a pensioner and suggest you wait till someone confirms that you can change you current gmail account password this way on your iphone or ipad. I think it is highly likely this is possible - but maybe only if you have old password too? . Sorry I cant be more help. Best wishes.

vtecintegra, Jul 5, 4:45pm
To change the password you need to old one - it'd be rather a security issue if you didn't

r.g.nixon, Jul 5, 4:47pm
Get a new gmail address. Or, not quite as good though.

mark.p, Jul 5, 4:53pm
If you are logged in to gmail on your phone can you not change your recovery settings there?

black-heart, Jul 5, 4:54pm
forgetting the password isn't a technical problem. Talk to googles support.

mark.p, Jul 5, 5:31pm
An account can not be recovered by contacting Google. You need to prove ownership. If you can't do that the only thing to do is create a new account.

mark.p, Jul 5, 5:37pm
Just pump this in case the OP missed it.

jano8, Jul 5, 5:56pm
thanks, i have an iphone and ipad, when looking at my gmail account on there can't see anywhere to control passwords etc. to be honest i hate my gmail app account on iphone, preferred to use it on laptop. re above poster have had great trouble getting hold of Google, just seem to be referred to other message boards, tried a while back but with no luck. I would just get another account, but i have this as a business email and last year i got everyone to stop using my xtra account and directed them all to this gmail address, so really don't want to lose it. Going out soon, but will have another try again in weekend, as am about to get a new phone and was hoping there could be a way i could change the original email contact back to one I use, rather than lose all my emails etc.
(the original email was a domain name I owned, I had the .com & nz, but got rid of the .com, not realising I had registered the .com address with Gmail, of course I still own the .nz but I stupidly didn't register that one with Gmail).

sw20, Jul 5, 6:08pm
On your iPad go to Settings, Accounts & Passwords, then scroll down until you find the one you want.

vtecintegra, Jul 5, 6:11pm
The password will only be in there if they?

mark.p, Jul 5, 6:34pm
Surely the password authentication should be on the email client. Otherwise they wouldn't be able to receive the emails.

king1, Jul 5, 6:43pm
This would suggest your phone is a recovery option - are you using the codes when they send them to you?

vtecintegra, Jul 5, 6:53pm
Yeah the iOS Mail app knows the password, it just won?

jano8, Jul 5, 7:02pm
yes i've gone through this process quite a few times - but then i think they must send the final 'reset password email' to the .com email address i no longer have.

jano8, Jul 5, 7:05pm
sigh, yeah i had a look at settings as above on ipad and iphone and no password is showing. This doesn't sound promising ? Anyone know of any gmail experts, or somewhere I can get this sorted ?

sw20, Jul 5, 7:07pm
Sorry, I missed a step, after going into Accounts & Passwords, did you check App & Website Passwords. I have a huge list of apps and sites and all their passwords.

jano8, Jul 5, 7:10pm
sw20 - didn't know that was there, just checked and gmail is not listed ?
. sigh.

sw20, Jul 5, 7:11pm
Damn. I have three different google accounts, all of them are listed :(

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