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wheelz, Dec 27, 6:55pm
I bought a Netgear D1500 modem router to use as an access point to extend my WiFi to the garage. All the videos make it look simple by just disabling DHCP and adjusting the IP address to the base router's address with the last block higher. I've done this and can connect to it via wifi but there is no internet access. Any ideas?

trade_menow, Dec 27, 6:58pm
have you run a ethernet cable to it - or is it in bridge mode ?

wheelz, Dec 27, 7:00pm
I set it up with cable from laptop then connected LAN-LAN from base router.

trade_menow, Dec 27, 7:00pm

wheelz, Dec 27, 7:02pm
There is an "Internet" tab which has a cross (meaning not connected) but the only option in that tab is to assign a static IP address.

trade_menow, Dec 27, 7:03pm
so - both ends of the ethernet are on " lan " . on your netgear access point - change it to WAN

wheelz, Dec 27, 7:04pm
Thanks trade_menow, I'll try that.

wheelz, Dec 27, 7:05pm
I did try WAN against all other advice but had no effect. I'll try that Netgear link though.

trade_menow, Dec 27, 7:08pm
you might have to reset the netgear access point back to factory setting - then connect it to wan

trade_menow, Dec 27, 7:10pm

wheelz, Dec 27, 7:36pm
Hmm . . . our Genie's differ. There's no mention on mine of adding to an access point. In fact there is no mention of AP anywhere on it.

loud_37, Dec 27, 8:23pm
Did you set it to an IP address thats not being used, as you'll have issues if you've got a conflict.

loud_37, Dec 27, 8:25pm
When you changed the last IP address block, did you match up the first three block to your current router

wheelz, Dec 27, 8:29pm
Yes. (Base Router) AP router.

spyware, Dec 28, 8:26am
This link has absolutely nothing to do with the problem in question at all.

spyware, Dec 28, 8:30am
Why not just buy an access point?

acura, Dec 28, 9:39am
Do you have the AP pointing to the base router for default gateway? Usual in LAN settings somewhere.

vtecintegra, Mar 10, 8:57pm
Here's how mine is set up
- ADSL router is with WiFi disabled
- Second router is connected to the first via LAN port on each and configured
- DHCP off
- IP static
- WiFi on
- Everything else default/blank

Works fine

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