Some of these cassette s passed over my bench

kevlight, Jul 28, 5:22pm ive seen the old Iomega zip drives, are these similar?
just interested in what machines and what year they come from .

daves, Jul 28, 5:49pm
Data Cartridge - Look Familiar - Info on Magnetic Tape Technology -

Used from about 1985 to 2000 or later

black-heart, Jul 28, 7:59pm
yeah some short lived tape media

gabbysnana, Jul 28, 8:13pm
Pretty sure we had something like that in 1974 in Brisbane when working at james hardie as a data inputer.

mrfxit, Jul 29, 7:58am
Yep Dat tapes.
Promotional tapes by the look of it
The clue is in the metal plate on 1 side.
I think the full capacity tape is the 40/80gb

mrfxit, Jul 29, 8:00am
Here ya go.
Verbatim & Tandburg being the most common brands

Pretty sure I have a few drive units here

nice_lady, Jul 29, 8:11am
Perhaps you missed a "a" at the end of "Dat" Dave ?

When Hubby worked as Road Crew Manager for a band in the 90's they had DAT tapes. These are Digital Audio Tape.

Similar but different ? He's fairly sure they were definitely smaller than the old standard audio cassette tape which the one in the first pic looks very similar to.

amasser, Jul 29, 10:01am
If you don't want them, you could offer to a museum. Some times their technology collections lack 'modern' stuff.

mrfxit, Oct 5, 2:19am
Theres a lot of different DAT tape sizes & it was a common nickname for data cartridges.
Think it also was a brand name at some stage.
Have seen some at approx 5.25" disk size & others down to mini cassette size.
Probably still got the dang things here

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