Ipad air 2 not sending/receiving pix via messages

biddy6, Jun 17, 4:57pm
As title states, I?

nice_lady, Jun 17, 5:05pm
Text message?
Some other app?
Or what?

biddy6, Jun 17, 5:20pm
No problem sending & receiving pix imessaging other apple devices. Problem is with sending and receiving pix with android users, so SMS messaging, I guess.

spyware, Jun 17, 5:22pm
MMS requires cellular data to be on.

biddy6, Jun 17, 5:38pm
Oh, does it? Thanks spyware, will turn that function on and check it out ??

biddy6, Jun 17, 5:47pm
Bugga, turned mobile data on, on both iphone and ipad and that hasn?

suicidemonkey, Jun 17, 6:13pm

biddy6, Nov 4, 7:50am
Thanks. Tried but sadly no go with that either.

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