Adobe Id uses an old email address no longer avail

stella99990, Jul 10, 1:04pm
Just been told on the chat they can't change this although I had asked for it to be changed years ago after the email was highjacked by hacker when adobe was hacked years ago. I went to the forums and under "Adobe id old email address there are a number of people with this problem and adobe is the only company that seems to be unable to allow people to change their email address. How B. crazy. The guy on the chat said that my products are linked to that email address and so it can't be changed. What is wrong with a software company that can't cope with a person changing their email address.

stella99990, Jul 10, 1:05pm
Anyone know a work around. Those thieving b. want me to ring Australia. We are treated like shit here and I could be given the run around on the phone and still get nowhere.
They are shocking. I hate ADOBE.

stella99990, Jul 10, 1:08pm
I have updated adobe acrobat reader and flash no problem until now with that stupid acrobat reader DC.
Open it up and it doesn't work and wants to download latest flash but can't do that because of the b. adobe id being still the old email address.

suicidemonkey, Jul 10, 1:35pm
I just logged into my Adobe account and changed my email address in about 3 seconds. Doesn't seem as difficult as you're saying.

nice_lady, Jul 10, 4:45pm
What's flash and reader got to do with an email addy?

mark.p, Jul 10, 5:43pm
Why would you want Adobe Reader or Flash?

ianab, Jul 10, 5:59pm
If you can log in, then you can change the email.

It's when you can't, and especially if you have authentication on, where you get emailed on your existing account to OK the change. If that email is "dead", then it is a problem. Cant log in, can't reset password, can't change email etc.

mark.p, Jul 10, 6:05pm
That'd be an issue alright. There are alternatives to Adobe products. The Edge web browser has been updated to read PDFs.

black-heart, Jul 11, 9:06am
Yeah edge sucks balls at it though. Far better off with foxit reader, or sumatra.

mrfxit, Jul 12, 8:20am
For basic PDF reading etc, yep Foxit everyday
Tiny prg that still does most basic things Adobe does.

mrfxit, Oct 18, 7:17am
Perhaps talk to the old email addy provider & see if they can help.
Possibly recreate the addy just for changing the addy? no one knows what they can do till you ask them

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