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b.chapman, May 24, 2:33pm
PC original configuration one HDD partitioned C and D.
Bought a new SSD, Unplugged original HDD, installed SSD, installed Win 7 and allowed interminable updates. Very fast boot.
Plugged in original HDD and on boot it reverted to the HDD.
Swapped HDD from SATA 0 to SATA 1 and connected SSD to SATA 0 and changed boot order in EFI BIOS. The PC now boots to the SSD.
I want to unpartition the old HDD to a 500Gb data drive using Win 7 disk management but there is a 100Mb partition at the front of the HDD that won't allow me to merge with the rest of the data drive. How can I merge this mini partition?

nice_lady, May 24, 2:39pm
what program are you using to partition ?

nice_lady, May 24, 2:39pm

nice_lady, May 24, 2:40pm
Windows has limited disk management functionality . Easus and Paragon and Minitool and Aomei are all superior.

king1, May 24, 2:43pm
minitool is my preference

b.chapman, May 24, 4:26pm
Thank you nice lady - Easus did the trick. Now I'm merging the HDD partitions to give me a nice big data drive.

r.g.nixon, May 24, 4:42pm
100MB extra is hardly worth the hassle. That is 0.02% of a 500GB drive.

nice_lady, Nov 22, 4:01am
Yep probably would have merged it myself but only in the interests of tidyness lol - 100Mb is TINY these days.

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