Buying powerbank online using YouShop or similar

ross1970, May 8, 9:39am
So I want an ( or a few ) Anker powercore2 slim 10000mAh powerbank(s).
Listed on ~US$30, doesn't ship to nz.
Listed on amazon/oz ~$250 ( fk that ) ships to nz.
Anker list it as 38.5Wh in their specs, so its within YouShop limits but I find their prohibited items page ambiguous.

Q1: Where can i get this unit other than taking it up the ! financially from amazon/oz ?
Q2: Will YouShop ship these from US?
Q3: Whats a better shipping agent than YouShop?
Choclolate fish goes to helpful posters .

vtecintegra, May 8, 9:43am
Clearly excluded - it?

ross1970, May 8, 9:54am
Then if it's so clearly excluded why do they have a
"lithium-ion battery must not exceed 20 Wh/cell, or 100 Wh per battery/pack" line.

ross1970, May 8, 9:56am
Lets move to Qs 1 and 3 then .

agarn, May 8, 10:19am

ross1970, May 8, 10:32am
Yip thanks mate, that is close but I really want to get the "slim" model which I don't see on aliexpress.

suicidemonkey, May 8, 10:45am
The last time I shipped a Li-ion battery, NZ Post took it at customs and disposed of it, then sent me a letter 3 months later. No compensation.

I don't see the point of importing something like that anyway - they're cheap enough in NZ and there are hundreds to choose from.

peanuts37, May 8, 10:49am

ross1970, May 8, 10:53am
Yeah sure there are a shitload to choose from, but if i specifically want product A of something why should I settle for product B?

ross1970, May 8, 10:58am
ok peanuts37 nice, so in reference to #7 . i buy this . it gets binned by NZpost/customs ?

peanuts37, May 8, 11:00am
Ive never had problem, notice someone else from NZ has ordered one also, bottom of page.

suicidemonkey, May 8, 11:00am

peanuts37, May 8, 11:05am
$59nz id take the punt but that's just me, as I said, never had a problem 'yet'.

vtecintegra, May 8, 12:40pm

beserkerang, May 8, 5:05pm

aktow, May 8, 8:30pm
nz post prohibits sending Lithium-metal or Lithium-ion (inc. Lithium-ion polymer) batteries and Powerbanks but no where on their website does it say you cannot come and collect your goods once they arrive in the country,, surely nz post has no right to destroy any product that is not illegal in nz,, it's nz post policy not to deliver these goods so you should be allowed to go collect the goods once they clear customs,

suicidemonkey, May 8, 8:36pm
They disposed of mine at customs, so 'nuff said I guess.

The problem is most airlines now refuse to carry the batteries - so often they're either shipped via sea or via air freight on certain planes that are setup to carry them.

It's actually now totally illegal to carry standalone lithium batteries on a passenger aircraft.

ross1970, May 8, 9:20pm
The way you worded that isn't accurate. You can't have them in checked in baggage. Fine to have them in your carry-on.

suicidemonkey, May 8, 10:02pm
Yep correct. But I said standalone lithium batteries - for some reason it's fine if they're inside a device (power bank included).

peanuts37, May 8, 10:18pm
I got some batteries from Ali last year no problem. The rule of thumb was at that time for airlines was that they must be below 10% or so charged. May have changed since.

suicidemonkey, Dec 3, 8:51am
Hopefully that's changed! Discharging a li-ion battery that much puts more stress on the cells, storing them for long periods actually causes degradation.

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