Is this a scam?

mariner26, Jul 22, 2:24pm
Got an email from about a payment to be made directly to Aucklanders, being my share of the credit Vector gets from Transpower. The email says I was sent it because I have a power account on the Vector Northern electricity network.
Odd - because I do not have such an account. But, I did have an account with Northpower up until about three years ago - that related to power supply to a beach property in the Kaipara harbour area. That account was closed off after the sale and after a final reading and final payment.
Further, my email address has only been in place since November 2017, so it was never part of the records of the billing system of Northpower.
The "uq" within the sender address (supposedly of Vector) seems suspicious. Vector's website address is just "".
The email advises I do not need to do anything yet. The payment is yet to be made. Am I being "set up" for a future email that asks me for my bank account details - into which my payment may be made?
Any thoughts about this, or has anyone heard of a similar approach?
I have not responded to the email.

r.g.nixon, Jul 22, 2:29pm is the following. No mention of Vector or power. Perhaps the sell power as a side business to selling umbrellas?

registrar_name: Umbrellar Limited t/a DiscountDomains
registrar_address1: PO Box 302829
registrar_address2: North Harbour
registrar_city: Auckland
registrar_postalcode: 0751
registrar_country: NZ (NEW ZEALAND)
registrar_phone: +64 3 9619550
registrar_fax: +64 3 3516705

nice_lady, Jul 22, 2:29pm
Check with vector. Don't go through any links or phone numbers in the email.

mark.p, Jul 22, 2:31pm
Best thing you can do.

king1, Jul 22, 2:35pm
most likely, odd that it has an NZ domain though

king1, Jul 22, 2:37pm
from here
Registrant Name Qrious Limited
Registrant Contact Address 167 Victoria Street West
Registrant Contact City Auckland
Registrant Contact Postal Code 1010
Registrant Contact Country NZ (NEW ZEALAND)
Registrant Contact Phone +64 800 500331
Registrant Contact Fax +64 9 3096155
Registrant Contact Email

king1, Jul 22, 2:41pm
companies office for Qrious Limited
46a Rawhitiroa Road, Kohimarama, Auckland, 1071 , New Zealand

Nathalie Anne Morgan MORRIS
66 Selbourne Street, Grey Lynn, Auckland, 1021 , New Zealand

Whether they will know anything about it or not is debatable

event_horizon_1, Jul 22, 2:49pm
I received one from Vector (same email address as yours) on the 14th but it came through my ISP/power provider email (Trustpower) and my payment will be made via cheque in August.
This link was in the email about the payments

kiwitech1, Jul 22, 5:12pm
Qrious Limited are a marketing and data analytics company, so it looks as though Vector are using them to do the 'donkey work' of contacting everyone who qualifies for that offer.

I've had a number of companies send me correspondence via such third-party channels as that over the years.

mariner26, Jul 23, 1:27pm
Thanks folks for that information and advice.
I'll just ignore it. At the end of the day I have not had an account with Northpower for over three years. I would not qualify for any payment, for that reason.
There were just a few odd aspects to the email I received, so I was cautious.

genuine-gina, Jul 23, 1:45pm

lythande1, Oct 9, 8:00am
No it isn't.
They haven't asked for your details, they haven't asked you to click on something, they haven't asked for money.

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