B P / free wifi ?

afer_daily, Dec 26, 6:55am
is it down or is it just me ?

nice_lady, Dec 26, 7:05am
b p ?

king1, Dec 26, 11:37am
umm are you asking about the free wifi at your local BP garage?

suicidemonkey, Dec 26, 12:28pm
*rubs crystal ball* It is entirely possible.

nice_lady, Dec 26, 12:33pm
Assesses question:

Bp free wifi - is it down ?
Well it could be at the local bp, (god knows which one they're at), or it could be 'down' nationwide.

Or it could be that your device, phone, tablet, toothbrush, god knows what, simply won't connect to this magical 'bp wifi'. or it could all be a figment of the Op's imagination.

Which do you think ?

Today, for this particular issue - I'm past caring.

ross1970, Dec 27, 8:46pm
Yeah someone drove into a pump and knocked out the wifi nationwide.
It happens.

andrew1954, Dec 27, 8:52pm
Free wifi at the BP service station ? Given that they are not too keen in you using your cellphone on the forecourt, I?

mcdaff, Dec 27, 11:46pm
They do offer free Wifi apparently, the idea being that you buy a coffee and "Sit down and prepare your journey ahead in the comfy seating area and catch up on emails with free wi-fi (selected sites)" especially encouraged in Bp stations that offer EV charging, you can check your emails etc while your car is plugged in. I learned something new today!

gsimpson, Mar 10, 2:47am
wifi will be needed for the BPME pay at the pump?
Note it says to sort it before getting out the car. The first time I used it I activated pump. Got out and the attendant offered to fill the car and we chatted. He looked shocked when I got back in the car when filled and drove off.

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