The mouse pointer on my computer

korbo, Jan 31, 5:34pm
is going all over the place, without me telling it where to go.
very frustrating. any ideas anyone.

nice_lady, Jan 31, 6:02pm
laptop ?
desktop ?
Mouse ?
Touchpad ?

gyrogearloose, Jan 31, 6:48pm
Try a different mouse

snoopy221, Jan 31, 7:02pm
god damn doncha just hate mousey's dat leave crumbs on ya key board- lol

I.E. if? ya tip ya keyboard upside down and place a clean piece of paper under it and give it a few taps and the paper suddenly is covered in dusty crumbs then the ole keys may be lettin
dat mouse do the **walkin**

christin, Feb 10, 7:43am
had that once. didnt believe the person that the mouse would move off on their own on the screen without her touching it.

went down to see it, watched the pointer move on its own.

turned out on her desk, amongst the piles of paper she had another mouse. a wireless one as well as a corded one. everytime she moved or touched stuff on her desk the mouse would do its thing!

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