Asus Motherboard Q-Code

cube_guy, Dec 22, 5:41pm
Hi all,

Is anyone familiar with the Q-Codes on Asus motherboards? I have a RoG Maximus Gene vii board with a 4670k, and when I am powering down my system it shows 00 on the q-code readout, and the system will not power down. My motherboard manual says 00 isn't used, which is helpful. The only way to shut the system off is to pull the plug, and their is no issues during start up at all, which is where everything I have read online shows 00 occuring. Anyone have any ideas?

froggyb, Dec 22, 6:06pm

cube_guy, 6 days
Interesting, I did actually change my CPU cooler recently, so maybe something happened during that process. Will have to pull it apart again and re-seat it. Interesting that there is no problems with the system starting up, only shutting down though.

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