Cant connect my Tablet to the Internet

db.price, Jul 22, 8:34pm
At work and trying to use my tablet. It is a Samsung Tab S2. Used to be able to access the net here - it is a free server and wifi for staff in the building.

When I attempt to connect get the warning:

Your connection is not private

Attackers may be trying to steal your information (for example Passwords, messages or credit cards).

Don't have this issue with my S8 or S8 plus and my old work phone an A3 was also no issue. Is there a setting in my tablet I can tweak?

black-heart, Jul 22, 8:51pm
Ask your work IT people, it could be a rogue AP impersonating the work WIFI, or a security measure they've implemented that also look suspicious to the browser on the device.

db.price, Jul 22, 9:04pm
I could believe that if the same thing happened on my other devices but they are all good.

vtecintegra, Oct 9, 9:49pm
The tablet will not be as up to date as the phones (it's an older model) so may not recognise the certificate your work captive portal is using. Otherwise it may have just expired and you'll find it no longer works on the phone either.

Either way it's a question for your IT guys at work

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