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nonsta, Jan 10, 1:05am
Hey, does anyone out there own an ipod classic, I think Gen4.
I am having trouble transferring new albums, which I have downloaded from itunes, to the ipod classic. For some reason, when I click and try & drag them over to my ipod, the blue circle around the ipod doesn't show up, and I can't drop them.
Also, I've noticed that the files I am trying to copy over to my ipod are .MPEG-4 files, & looking through my ipod , all the extension names are .M4A, so I have tried a 3rd party software to copy them, but with no success, as the newer files are .MPEG-4, they won't copy over.
The ipod classic is getting on now, I know, but I am sure there are still people who use them still.
If anyone still has a ipod classic, and can direct me in some way how to load my recent albums from itunes, onto my ipod. that would be much appreciated!. thx

sred69, Jan 11, 5:11pm
Use handbrake to convert them to a acceptable mp4 file type, the classic will only play some type of mp4 files. Handbrake as a preset that will convert correctly.

suicidemonkey, Feb 27, 7:19pm
Wait are we talking about audio or video files here? .MPEG-4 and .mp4 are both video formats.

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