Best free security suite for Win7

mrfxit, Mar 19, 10:27am
Theres a pretty large selection of reviews & they all seem to be a bit biased depending on what site has done the reviews.

Avast seems like a good deal in general but what other opinions are available.
I see mention Avast now own AVG

gsimpson, Mar 19, 11:03am
Windows Defender is supplied by Microsoft. That is free and does the job.

r.g.nixon, Mar 19, 11:04am
You don't normally get a full suite for free; just an antivirus. Avast is fine. Panda Free is better, IMHO.

mrfxit, Mar 19, 11:29am
Comodo is a full suite but having a few issues with resource hogging.
Same situation between 2 totally different computers & the latest is a fresh install/ bigger computer doing the same issues.

peanuts37, Mar 19, 12:33pm
Bitdefender Free.

russell.s.c, Mar 19, 1:10pm

king1, Mar 19, 1:36pm
something is very wrong with their testing methods if Norton, AVG and Mcafee all rate better on performance than Eset and Panda. They would have to be the three worst performance wise imho

On a positive note, Windows Defender seems to have improved a lot, if you can trust it.

mrfxit, Mar 19, 1:53pm
Yep exactly what I am seeing as well.
A lot of the "testing" appears to be a bit biased & mixed, hence why asking

black-heart, Mar 19, 2:49pm
I wouldn't touch any of the free ones, with ads popping up constantly

mrfxit, Mar 19, 10:16pm
Now have Free Avira & Free Zonealarm.
No adds popping up at all.
Few notices about various prg's wanting access to the net but thats good as it learns

acura, Mar 20, 2:55pm
Been using comodo for a while - Agree with issues sometimes but for a free solution with firewall and AV. works well overall.
Spark uses can also get McAfee for free if that is of any interest.

farwest, Mar 20, 3:02pm
I use Windows firewall, MS security essentials, and Malwarebytes Premium. It works well - but it isn't free.

mr-word, Mar 20, 3:44pm
Malware bytes free version.

mrfxit, Jan 6, 10:45pm
Yep good standalone scanner

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